Bonnie Moellenbrock Challenges IC to “Carry Its Critical Work Forward” as she steps away


Bonnie Moellenbrock has led Investors’ Circle, the national impact angel investing network, for the last six years. She along with IC Philly President John Moore, supported Mi3 as a full IC member enabling me to bring Haverford students in as participants in Mi3/ORFL’s investing activities. IC will miss her guidance and vision. Below are notes of encouragement for the road ahead.

Dear IC members,

Thank you for six wonderful years! Together, we have made significant progress – increasing the membership by 50%, growing to six local networks, supporting the growth of our PCC fund initiative, developing our strategy with the SEAD and SOURCE initiatives, and most importantly, investing over $50 million in impact enterprises.

IC is now on the cusp of its second quarter-century and poised to move to a new stage of impact in an incredibly dynamic industry. We have a great team and solid resources to build on all that we have learned and accomplished. So as you and the team carry this critical work forward, I’d like to share some parting thoughts for you to keep in mind:

The importance of community – Community is where our real power lies. The magic happens when we come together to support an entrepreneur or inspire new members to make their first investment. The investment in UltraCell Insulation last fall is a perfect example. It was a collaboration of members from across the country, the PCC fund, and five local networks. Our community forged trusting relationships that activated significant capital for the company and a provided a rewarding experience for the investors. So, commit to building relationships and supporting fellow members and entrepreneurs – that’s where the joy and impact of this work is found!

The importance of inclusivity and diversity – This is a hot topic in entrepreneurship and venture capital right now, as it should be. I encourage IC and its members to actively engage in this work. We’ve been a leader in gender diversity but lag with the rest of the field in the ethnic and racial diversity of our members and #FundedbyIC entrepreneurs. As our once-pioneering impact investing concepts become more mainstream, it is IC’s responsibility as a mission-driven organization to continue to push the envelope. It’s not only the right thing to do, but the most impactful thing to do. Diversity of perspectives and experience is critical for identifying the best innovations and making the best decisions. If people are systematically missing from the room, so are the solutions.

The importance of broad-based economic opportunity – The essence of our Good Companies, Good Jobs initiative is to ensure that human capital considerations are an inherent element of impact investing. Regardless of our respective impact interests, we should all be committed to increasing economic opportunity, too. IC will be providing tools on how to incorporate human capital into your due diligence and investing, and I encourage everyone to commit to this effort. Also, please consider making a commitment to invest in a company that is addressing the needs of the underserved or that is located in a region that has not benefited from economic recovery. As a passionate environmentalist, I know that in the end, all things are connected. We cannot solve climate change or other significant challenges without addressing economic opportunity and generating political will – change cannot happen in a sector vacuum.

My sincere thanks to each of you for the opportunity to serve you and our mission. A special thanks to those who have gone above and beyond to support IC and me by serving on the board, leading local networks, supporting the PCC, and engaging in SEAD and other programs. And finally, I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to IC’s super team. Day in and day out they’ve made this work both fun and rewarding. I know that you all will continue to support them, and Alex as Interim Executive Director, as you do this important work together.

With deep gratitude,
Bonny Moellenbrock
Executive Director

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