Thread Int’l launches own products with Kickstarter Campaign

One of Mi3/ORFL’s Investee companies, Thread International, is launching its own line of products. It is starting with a “A Better Packpack” and is introducing it via a kickstarter campaign which opened last week. The campaign is already busting through its goals! The prototype has been produced, tested and refined. They are now setting up manufacturing as I write.

What is Thread’s impact? We first invested because of its commitment to build and maintain an equitable, sustainable supply chain of recycled plastic (PET flake) sourced in Haiti and providing income to “collectors” seeking to provide for their families. The supply chain of collectors and franchise collection posts were set up with Engineers without Borders. The recycler is a local Haitian family-owned business. Now Thread has expanded its impact by setting up a facility in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh and employing locals in this impoverished neighborhood. Serious impact!!

Want to support Thread and its Impact? Pre-order its new bag on Kickstarter!

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