Thread International’s Latest Impact Report

ORFL/Mi3 invested in Thread International in June of 2015 after initial due  diligence in the first impact investing class in 2013. At that time we decided to hold off until they had achieved a large contract with an apparel manufacturer. When that was achieved, we looked at them again. Our review was very positive. The team continued to make progress in strengthening the supply chain and developing their pipeline. We were confident with the prospect for landing another large client (Timberland) and we became more convinced that Thread’s impact would grow with the business when it expanded is sourcing of recycled plastic to include Honduras.

Thread continues to make great progress and its latest Impact Report (impact page and report link are here) demonstrate Thread’s commitment to its mission of providing a transparent, ethical supply chain for fabric made with recycled plastic sources from low income collectors. And, its not just about the business. Thread is clearly committed to the people who are the foundation of its supply chain as demonstrated by the volunteer efforts and training they are providing in Haiti.

Keep up the great work Ian and team!

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