Meet the 2022 Festival Team

Teddy Ogborn

Teddy Ogborn (HC ‘19) is back for a third time as a director of the Tri-Co Film Festival. They are thrilled for another year of brilliant Tri-Co work! Teddy enjoys exploring the possibilities of experimental filmmaking in their own work and they’re currently the lead editor for The Woman Who Poked the Leopard, a documentary about Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi. Currently they are very into reading anything by Zadie Smith and maintaining their German Duolingo streak. A recent New York transplant, Teddy is also a fencing coach at a high school in Manhattan.

Ruby Bantariza

Ruby Bantariza is excited to be joining the team this year as the festival’s Associate Director. She loves taking photos, exploring new places, and working on creative projects with friends. Ruby is currently working on a project that explores self-documentation and its relationship to family archives. Some of her favorite memories from her time at Swarthmore are attending and submitting to the Tri-Co Festival. Ruby is looking forward to viewing this year’s submissions and engaging with the Tri-Co film community.