2023 Tri­-Co Film Festival Submission Guidelines

We are seeking short film, video, and animation submissions for the 12th annual Tri-­Co Film Festival. All current Tri­-Co students are eligible to submit!

Submissions open: Wednesday, March 15
Final film submission deadline: 11:59 PM ET Saturday, April 22
Multimedia submission deadline: 11:59 PM ET Saturday, April 29

Film Works

Film submissions for the 2023 Tri-Co Film Festival are now closed.

Film Submission Eligibility: 

  • All current Tri­-Co students are eligible, even if the film project took place abroad or outside of coursework.
  • Submitted films cannot have previously been submitted to the Festival, unless substantial changes have been made.
  • Films must have been directed by students currently attending Bryn Mawr, Haverford and/or Swarthmore Colleges.
  • Films may be any length up to ten minutes and the nature of the curation process entails that longer films will face greater competition for inclusion in the Festival program. 
  • Films do not have to have been made for a class to be eligible —  films made through film clubs or independently are highly encouraged! 
  • The Festival accepts all species of film work, be it experimental, documentary, narrative, and any hybridization or rejection of these categories. 
  • There is no limit on the number of films a student can submit. 
  • We will not be accepting works-in-progress – your submission, if selected, is the version that will be screened. 

Video Submission Instructions:

  1. Export your film with formatting optimal for Vimeo. This Vimeo page offers a run-down of formatting specifics). You must export your submission using H.264 Video codec (mp4)  with a bitrate under 15 for exports
  2. If you intend your film to be watched with captions/subtitles, please do so with an open captioning setting, or otherwise ensure that all text is burned into the final export of your video – functionality for closed captions will not be available.
  3. Upload your submission(s) to Google Drive
    1. Make sure the file is named with this convention: LASTNAME_FILMNAME
    2. As you upload, share your video with tricofilmfest@gmail.com, and ensure that your video is available for us to download.
  4. Fill out the submission form on tricofilmfest.org – this is the official submission.

Contact the Festival Co-Directors, Marcelo Jauregui-Volpe and Ruby Bantariza, at  tricofilmfest@gmail.com with any questions.

Multimedia Works

Multimedia Submission Eligibility: 

  • Eligibility with regards to student status or the timeline of the creation of the work are identical to that of film work
  • Multimedia pieces by their nature are a more expansive category – thus, all we ask for multimedia submissions is that the maker is clear about how the work can be accessed and engaged with, and is able to list all of their technical or hardware needs at the time of their submission (i.e. a projector, speakers, headphones, seating, etc.) 
  • Multimedia pieces that can only be engaged with online are welcomed – they may still be exhibited at the BMFI for attendees to engage with, and will also be featured on our website and publicized at the Festival
  • The TriCo Jurors will jury the multimedia category, with one multimedia piece receiving recognition for innovation, artistic vision, and presentation