Winning Films

2022 Tri­-Co Film Festival Winning Films

Prize Narrative

Rubing Zhang (Swarthmore ’22)

Nine-year-old tomboy Xiaoyu always wants to hang out with a group of
boys in her neighborhood, but when her chance to join the “boys squad”
would be at the cost of a girl that she just made friends with, Xiaoyu has
a hard decision to make.

Prize Documentary & Audience Choice

Reesha Gandhi, Aby Isakov, Faryal Khan (Haverford ’24)

Nomad is an anonymous artist in Germantown, Philadelphia, whose
artwork has been stirring up important conversations in his neighborhood. Follow along on his journey as his art becomes more widespread and get to know more about the community with Matthew George (founder of ilovethyhood) and Rasheed Ajamu

Prize Experimental

Chili Shi (Swarthmore ’22)

Girls give in to the urge. No one said girl world is fun.