2024 Festival Program

Prize Winners

Jury AwardCall Time, Elpiniki (Ellie) Tsapatsaris (Swarthmore ‘24)
Jury AwardNivea, Carly Wilson (Bryn Mawr ’25) 
Audience AwardThe Eleventh Hour, Judie Johnson (Bryn Mawr ‘25)

Call Time

Elpiniki (Ellie) Tsapatsaris (Swarthmore ‘24)

In Call Time, directed by Elpiniki (Ellie) Tsapatsaris (Swarthmore ‘24), a group of dancers gets ready for a performance as they frolic through the studios, dressing rooms, and hallways of a theater.


Aby Isakov (Haverford ‘24)

As a partial re-enactment of scenes from Valie Export’s Syntagma (1983), Calibrating directed by Aby Isakov (Haverford ‘24) follows there construction and reproduction of bodies and forms, exploring the fluidity of their corporeal and conceptual.


Lalith Suresh (Swarthmore ‘26)

IRIS HATES ECON, directed by Lalith Suresh (Swarthmore ‘26), follows a college student yearning to escape the toxic atmosphere of her academic surroundings. When she begins to get visions of playing a character in a school play, she must make the decision of choosing the audition or presenting for an economics class.


Grace Haskell (Haverford ‘25)

In Cranes directed by Grace Haskell (Haverford ‘25), a person navigates grief and longing as they go through their day, grappling with the challenge of finding a path forward after losing a loved one.

Moving Above Ground

Emma Schwartz (Haverford ‘24)

Moving Above Ground directed by Emma Schwartz (Haverford ‘24) follows Shakaboona as he discusses inside organizing as an incarcerated abolitionist and his work since he has come home.

Next to You

Maya Estrera (Swarthmore ‘25)

In Next to You directed by Maya Estrera (Swarthmore ‘25), the school year starts back up, June, a college student, struggles to reintegrate back into his academic and social life as memories from the previous year resurface.


Carly Wilson (Bryn Mawr ’25)

Nivea directed by Carly Wilson (Bryn Mawr ’25) was made to betray “Nivea Cream Piece for Oscar Williams” by Alison Knowles. It centers on the two people who progressively become more and more lathered in Nivea Cream. It is a silent film with audio (and thought) description.

Court Date

Sally Crandall (Bryn Mawr ‘25) and Bella Gerstmann (Bryn Mawr ’25)

In Court Date directed by Sally Crandall (Bryn Mawr ‘25) and Bella Gerstmann (Bryn Mawr ’25), it’s not AJ’s best day on the court, but their jokes never miss.

The Eleventh Hour

Judie Johnson (Bryn Mawr ‘25)

In The Eleventh Hour directed by Judie Johnson (Bryn Mawr ‘25), on the night that her devout father has predicted the Rapture, a young lesbian throws a party in ironic celebration of the supposed demise of her community.