Virtual Public Observing – Constellations from Many Cultures

Earlier this month, the student led Public Observing team ran a virtual public observing night, with the theme “Constellations from Many Cultures”. Videos from this event, which was live streamed to our new YouTube Channel can be viewed:

Part one contains:

  •  A demo with hi-lights of the skies for December 2020
  • A live tour of the 16″ and 12″ domes in the Strawbridge Observatory
  • A talk: “Telescopes on Native Lands” including a eulogy for the Arecibo Radio Telescope, by Miranda Kong BMC ’22.

Part two contains:

Short talks:

  1. Nathan Wolthuis ’21 – Egyptian Astronomy
  2. Autumn Winch BMC’22 – Chinese Astronomy
  3. Julian Goddy ’21 – Mayan Astronomy
  4. James Garland ’22 and Kate Gold BMC ’21 – Tour of Stellarium Constellation Art including Arabic, Lakota, Mayan and Ojibwe.

Q&A with panel consisting of Astronomy students + Prof. Karen Masters.

We hope you enjoy watching these.

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