Jonas Blankets Campus in Snow

Jonas Blankets Campus in Snow

The first real snow may have come quite late in the season, but boy, did it make an impact! Our surprisingly warm and snow-free winter ended this past weekend with Winter Storm Jonas, which blanketed the campus with almost two feet of the white stuff.

Since the storm took place over the weekend and Haverford’s diligent maintenance crews worked round the clock to shovel paths, plow roads, and put down salt, the College’s operations were mostly unaffected. (We had a late start this morning, with 8:30 a.m. classes being cancelled.) But in the meantime, students got to enjoy the deluge that provided ample ingredients for snowmen, snowball fights, and snow forts.

Whether you braved the cold to play outdoors or hunkered down with a good book and a blanket inside, the blizzard certainly made the College look seasonally beautiful, creating winterscapes from HCA to College Drive.


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  1. Except for the new buildings, it looks just like it did in February 1944 when I started at Haverford, initially as a day student, traveling everyday from Olney in North Philadelphia. George Nofer ’49

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