What They Learned

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Where They're Headed

A blog series detailing the post-graduation plans of the Class of 2015.

The Club Life @ Haverford

The Club Life @ Haverford

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Customs 2015

On Wednesday, August 26, we officially welcomed the newest members of the Haverford community—the Class of 2019—to campus and kicked off Customs, the College’s first-year orientation program.


Th political science major took a cue from her Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies concentration and her Chinese minor for her thesis on China’s Arab Spring intervention policies.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Caitlin Gallagher ’15

The East Asian languages and cultures major synthesized her love of Chinese culture and economics for a thesis analyzing China’s economic system during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644):

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Larisa Antonisse ‘15

The political science major used Arizona and Virginia as case studies for Medicaid expansion in her thesis and explored interest group coalition composition and lobbying strategy as potential approaches to overcoming organized opposition to policy implementation.

Where They’re Headed: Grace Klinges ’15

Grace Klinges ’15 is a research fellow with the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, working to develop ways to respond to abandoned and active hazardous waste sites.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Katie Balmer ’15

After sitting in on sessions of Veteran’s Court during a summer internship, the political science major wanted to explore “specialty courts” further in her senior thesis.

Summer Science at the KINSC

95 students conducted research, either individually or in groups, as part of the KINSC’s summer research program with 28 professors across departments in the natural sciences.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Charlotte Lellman ’15

The archival research she did for her thesis on policing prostitution in 18th-century Paris helped convince the French major that her future is in archival studies or library science.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Colleen Cumberpatch ’15

The psychology major integrated all of her areas of study—including her minors in educational studies and child and family studies as well as her concentration in peace, justice, and human rights—in her senior thesis.

Where They’re Headed: Dylan Woloszczuk ’15

Dylan Woloszczuk will be working for the next two years as a child welfare caseworker for Children’s Corps in New York City. The psychology major will be working with Forestdale, the only child welfare agency headquartered in Queens, N.Y.

WHAT THEY LEARNED: Erin Berlew ’15

Working in the lab of Assistant Professor Lou Charkoudian ’03, the chemistry major helped create a type II polyketide catalog, which identified 78 polyketides of known producing sequence and structure and indexed key pieces of information about each of these molecules.

Where They’re Headed: Connie Friedman ’15

Connie Friedman ’15 is moving to Vi Than, the mid-sized capital city of Hậu Giang Province in Vietnam, for the year as part of the prestigious Princeton in Asia fellowship program.