Campus in Summer

Campus in Summer

With most of the students gone (save those on campus for summer work and research assignments), the campus has been pretty quiet these last few weeks. But though there may be fewer people around to see it, it is no less lovely. Sweet-smelling, verdant and leafy, the campus is an exceptionally nice place to be on a warm summer day.

Iced trees?

When we noticed that the crab apple tree near Founders Hall—one of the  original trees from the 1833 campus landscape plan—had lost a sizable branch during this past week’s ice storm, we wondered how the rest of Haverford’s 200-acre Arboretum was faring in the wake of...

A Beautiful Thursday

Today on campus was full of: the sun glimmering though swaying tree branches… …watching one of the hawks near Founders… …and the first open call for the People’s Biennial in the Great...