Where They’re Headed: Eli Schwarz ’13

Where They’re Headed: Eli Schwarz ’13

Eli Schwarz ’13 spent his summer in an intense “Boot Camp” with Venture for America, a program that strengthens entrepreneurship skills in promising college graduates and places them with high-growth startup companies across the country. He then chose to remain in the Philadelphia area at LeadiD, which was founded by Ross Shanken ’92  two years ago in Ambler, Pa., to allow lead sellers and buyers to operate in a trusted environment.


This is not Schwarz’s first time surrounded by successful entrepreneurs. He spent the summer before his senior year working on a startup blog for fellow Fordand successful entrepreneur Brad Aronson ’94. This experience, supported by the John C. Whitehead ’43 Fund in Entrepreneurial Studies, further sparked his passion for entrepreneurship.

“My time at Haverford taught me how to successfully adjust under different circumstances, whether that meant transitioning from an economics project to a philosophy project [or] working with my basketball team to devise a strategy for our offseason workouts,” he says. Schwarz will now take these skills from Haverford and apply them to the constantly uncertain and fast-paced environment of the startup world as he joins the entrepreneurial team at LeadiD.


“Where They’re Headed” is a series of occasional blog posts reporting on the post-Haverford plans of members of the Class of 2013.

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