Spring Has Sprung! Pinwheel Day 2013

Photos from Pinwheel Day 2012

Pinwheel Day 2012. Photo by Richard Weisgrau.


Though meteorologists, astronomers and almanacs tell us that the official first day of spring occurred with the vernal equinox back on March 20, it doesn’t quite feel like spring here on campus until Pinwheel Day.  (It hasn’t helped that temperatures since March 20 have mostly required that we keep wearing our winter coats.)

There are conflicting reports as to the exact genesis of Pinwheel Day, but most people agree that it took off sometime in the 1990s. And though it is a relatively young Haverford tradition, it is already much beloved. Under dark of night, a mysterious cabal of Fords transforms Founders Green into a festive field of spinning pinwheels to commemorate the beginning of warm weather. It’s quite a sight! Haverford’s arboretum campus is beautiful year round, but never more so than on Pinwheel Day.

Come and see for yourself. If you live nearby, please swing by campus today and take in the sea of spiraling pinwheels. It—along with the abundant spring sunshine—will put a smile on your face.


Pinwheel Day 2012. Photo by Richard Weisgrau.


  1. It is a wonderful thing that the young people of today are creative enough to still come up with new ways to celebrate the change of the season. I know that during my time at HFC this was never a thought. The pinwheels show that the wheels of change are still turning and that there are many different and new ways to make the world a better place.

  2. We didn’t have this tradition back in my day, but I’m glad it’s there now. What a curious and creative way to celebrate life! Sometimes I get somewhat nostalgic when I hear how some traditions change or fade away. However, the new ones are a sign of the times. Spin away!

  3. Stark G. Jones, 1961
    I continue to be surprised and delighted by the creative force at Haverford, in both the whimsical and the profound. Thank you for Pinwheel Day, 2013, the existential launch of Spring at Haverford.

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