KINSC Gets Fooled

KINSC Gets Fooled

How did you fare on April Fool’s Day? Did you trick someone or did you get tricked? Or did you make it through April 1st relatively fool-free? The KINSC didn’t make it through the trickster’s holiday unscathed. As is tradition, students from the different science departments bedecked their parts of the science complex with themed decorations. Psychology became The Magic Psych Bus (instead of The Magic Schoolbus); Zubrow Commons was transformed with homemade question-mark boxes and toothy plantsĀ into a screenshot of the Super Mario Brothers video game; and a Wizard of Oz theme culminated in a windy tornado in the Rotunda.


BL_AprilFools-4 BL_AprilFools-5 BL_AprilFools-6 BL_AprilFools-8 BL_AprilFools-9 BL_AprilFools-11 BL_AprilFools-12 BL_AprilFools-13 BL_AprilFools-14 BL_AprilFools-15 BL_AprilFools-16 BL_AprilFools-17 BL_AprilFools-18 BL_AprilFools-19 BL_AprilFools-20

All photos by Brad Larrison.

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