Corporations as Global Citizens

Corporations as Global Citizens

Multinational corporations have tremendous influence on people, markets and governments. But what is their role regarding social change? What obligations do they have as global citizens to address inequality? Haverford alumni Daniel Price ’77, David Hackett ’76, and John Heller ’89, who all have deep experience in business, international trade and the law, shared their insights on these and other questions at “Corporations as Global Citizens,” a panel discussion held on campus on Thursday night.


(From left) Daniel Price '77, David Hacket '76 and John Heller '89 at the "Corporations as Global Citizens" panel.


Hackett is the North American Practice Group coordinator at Baker and McKenzie law firm and is a recognized as an expert in the field of environmental and climate change.

David Hackett '76


Heller, a principal in the real estate company the Heller Group, is also a senior strategy advisor at the nonprofit Synergos Institute, where he launched a consulting practice that helps corporations build sustainable businesses and achieve social impact in developing countries.

John Heller '89


Price is currently a managing director and co-founder of international economic consulting firm Rock Creek Global Advisors.  During the Bush administration, he served as deputy national security advisor for international economic affairs, a role in which addressed such issues such as climate change, food policy and public health.

Daniel Price '77


After the talk, which was hosted by the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship and moderated by Assistant Professor of Economics Saleha Jilani, the speakers moved on to dinner with professors and students, where the conversation continued.


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