De-Stress with Dogs

De-Stress with Dogs

How do you fill Ryan Gym in the middle of exams? Free food? Hot coffee? No, bring in furry friends. The Pre-Vet Society and HaverMinds, a new club at the College devoted to promoting awareness of mental health issues, joined together to sponsor yesterday’s Dog Day, which brought pooches from Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) to campus to help exam-frazzled students de-stress.

Ryan was packed as Fords frolicked with six dogs of different shapes and sizes, from a pitt-terrier mix to a bulldog with a charming underbite. The event was positive not just for the hardworking students, but also for the dogs, all of whom were available for adoption and some of whom needed human interaction after being rescued from puppy mills.


There’s nothing like some sloppy puppy kisses to ease the stress of exams. Case in point? The video below:

Photos by Thom Carroll

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  1. So cute, and great for the rescue dogs as well. Give the kid with the highest score on the test a dog to take home – both dog & kid win. :)

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