The Iroquois Lacrosse Team Visits Haverford

The Iroquois Lacrosse Team Visits Haverford

On Saturday, October 1,  we welcomed the “under 19” lacrosse team from the Iroquois Lacrosse Program (ILP) to campus.  The ILP, which is comprised of players from the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy, was founded in 1983 as a way for the Iroquois to explore their social, cultural and spiritual heritage and enjoy some international competition.

The Iroquois and Haverford lacrosse teams



In addition to hosting the team, Haverford’s own lacrosse team set up a welcome ceremony Saturday morning in the Multicultural Center.  Speakers from both the Haverford community and the Iroquois Nation spoke to the players about the benefits of being a part of the diverse community that surrounds the game of lacrosse, a sport of Native American origin.

The players from the ILP then took a tour of Haverford before going up against the Haverford Lacrosse team. It was an exciting game with our Fords winning, 7-5, over the ILP.  After the game, the two teams exchanged gifts.

The Weekend of Native American Culture and Spirit, which also included a Friday-night showing of and discussion about Shanti Thakur’s documentary, Circles: A Native American Approach to Restorative Justice, was supported by the Haverford Department of Athletics, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship.

To learn more about the Iroquois Lacrosse Program, go to

And to keep up with the Fords Lacrosse Team, head to

–Jack Hasler ‘15


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