Alumni Theater Troupe Recognized by Philly Weekly

Alumni Theater Troupe Recognized by Philly Weekly

Congratulations to the Groundswell Players, the experimental Philadelphia theater group of Haverford alumni Ali King ’09, Jack Meaney ’09, Jesse Paulsen ’09 and Scott Sheppard ’06. The troupe is one of five famous locals (and the only group) featured in the “Faces” cover story of the current issue of Philadelphia Weekly, which profiles people who “make Philly what it is.”

The Groundswell Players:

With roots in an improv group here on campus, the Players create their works, which explore the great ambitions of ordinary people, from improvisation and group writing. The Weekly recognized the four Fords for their DIY spirit and their inventive comic productions—like How to Solve a Bear (which premiered at the 2010 Philadelphia Live Arts and Philly Fringe Festival last September) and Little Plates, Big Tapas (which ran last winter).

The Groundswell Players’ latest production, The Speed of Surprise, will debut at the Adrienne Theater in September as part of this year’s Fringe.

You can read more about these alumni thespians on pg. 21 of the Fall 2010 issue of Haverford magazine. For more information about their upcoming show, check their website.

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