1. The last name of the 317 members of the Class of 2018, Qingyang Zhang, is read by Dean Denney.

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    Using the learned @haverfordedu, seniors set up a buffer to handle asynchronous sequential processes :-)

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  3. Now it's time for the awarding of degrees. Provost Fran Blase presents the Class of 2017. Names are read by Dean Martha Denney.

  4. Laws changed worldwide because Sweeney was able to find the governor of MA’s (supposedly anonymous) health records. The need to find harmony between technology with social context—privacy was just the first step.

  5. Sweeney discussed her road to computer scientist—the first black woman to earn a comp sci PhD at MIT—from a young girl who wanted to be a mathematician.

  6. Communities like this one give you the space to disagree without being disagreeable... and to grow, says Sweeney.

  7. As faculty dean at Currier House (Harvard’s Gryffindor, she says), Sweeney says she understands community and the power of residential colleges like Haverford.

  8. "Sweeney’s work has consistently shed light on issues at the intersection of technology & society well before they were considered common knowledge... [Her] contributions to computer science combined w/her commitment to civic engagement reflect the core of Haverford’s values."

  9. "Whether you were previously aware of her work or not, Professor Sweeney’s staunch support of- and work advocating for- careful privacy practices have had an impact on the privacy of your personal information via the health privacy legislation HIPAA and her time at the FTC."

  10. Now, Asst Prof of Computer Science Sorelle Friedler introduces computer scientist & data privacy advocate Latanya Sweeney for her honorary degree.

  11. Like Spider-Man she wants them to know that with great power comes great responsibility, urging them to not do what is easy, but what is fair.

  12. Joan says that she looked to the wisdom of others to offer advice to graduates. Like Wonder Woman she asks the Class to, regardless of career, they make serving others a part of their lives.

  13. Joan says her honor is the honor of the Philly Futures students at Haverford, which include 6 current students (one who is graduating). She names all of them by name, calling them her heroes.

  14. Lytle concludes: "Joan, thanks to you, the future is looking even better now in Philadelphia, for the college graduates you championed and the many more making their way."

  15. "There is no more powerful testimony to Joan’s impact than individuals like Ruben and Ralph Alexis ['13], two young men from earthquake-ravaged Haiti, whom Joan & her husband Michael supported through their childhood, & who went on to graduate from Haverford a few years ago."

  16. "@phillyfutures supports low-income, 1st-generation students through college w/a combination of academic & financial support, mentorship, & no small amount of love. To this organization, Joan brought organizational savvy & drive... [She] also brought her heart."

  17. "There is no better moment than Commencement to reflect on the value of a college education. To all those who have worked so hard to be here today, the future is bright. ... We might also reflect on how elusive this opportunity remains for many young people across the country."

  18. VP & Chief of Staff Jesse Lytle presents Joan Mazzotti, retired prez. of @PhillyFutures, for her honorary degree.

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    Beaming proud of @haverfordedu graduates today, including @alliyahmaee who just addressed her own commencement as speaker. From first year writing student to author/artist in her own right. Joyful to see her paths open and immense efforts honored. Congrats!!

  20. He quotes his Haverford mentor (Fine Arts Prof Charles Stegeman) who said that one does not wake up one day and decide to paint a masterpiece. It’s a journey of hard work, one foot in front of the other, like climbing a mountain.

  21. He urges them to follow the three tenets that have guided his life and work: patience, practice, perseverance.

  22. Larson says that the graduates are leaving the best of college at a challenging time—when the divide between the haves and have-nots is wide, intolerance is spreading—but that they are prepared.

  23. Dr. Larson is co-founder and executive director of @PuentesDeSalud, a South Philly clinic dedicated to the health and wellness of the local Latino population.

  24. Asst Prof of Health Studies Anna West introduces Steve Larson ‘83 for his honorary degree.

  25. President Benston hopes their education will help lead the Class of 2018 away from corrosive groupthink and that they’ll use their minds to always advance fairness and the greater good.

  26. Kim urges the graduates to use their Haverford-honed critical thinking skills to make sense out of chaos and work from skeptical questions to ideas.

  27. Kim then honors faculty award winners Kate Heston (Lillian Dietrich Award), Lisa Jane Graham (Chase Parker Prize) and Jon Wilson (Lindback Award). 🥇

  28. President Benston honors the 20 faculty and staff members retiring this year. There are 30 of them and they contributed 698 years of combined service to the College.

  29. The great open secret of gratitude is that it is not dependent on external circumstance. It’s like a setting or channel that we can switch to at any moment, no matter what’s going on around us... Gratitude is the kernel that can flower into everything we need to know.”

  30. Cassidy reads: "It is an extraordinary privilege to be accorded a human life, with self-reflexive consciousness that brings awareness of our own actions and the ability to make choices. It lets us choose to take part in the healing of our world."

  31. Cassidy reads from an article by Joanna Macy, an environmental activist “influential in promoting an environmental approach that sees human beings as part of the earth, not separate from it."

  32. As is the tradition, the next remarks are from President of @BrynMawrCollege Kim Cassidy.

  33. Alliyah concludes by saying, "Finally, I would like to ask you all, my friends, to prepare yourselves. Prepare yourselves to show the world, again and again, who you are. But when you show them, remember to have fun, remember to love, & most importantly remember to be a friend."

  34. "Our friendships are the ultimate symbol of my degree & time here at Haverford. Your trust in my capabilities and your commitment to seeing me thrive gave me the confidence to become a proud Haverford graduate."

  35. "I would not be walking across this stage had it not been for my friends. From the very first day, my best friends have been there urging me to finish my schoolwork-- on time--making me laugh when I’m stressed & overwhelmed, & supporting me with every new challenge I take on."

  36. To Alliyah, "this degree is definitely a symbol of academic excellence and an indicator of leadership skills. But as we stand here today, beautiful and strong, this degree is also a marker of our commitment to be good students, good people, and most importantly good friends."

  37. She asks her fellow graduates to consider what their degree means to THEM (not their parents or job prospects). "Is it solely another piece of paper? Is it the marker of your intelligence, hard work, and creativity? Does it speak to your challenges? Or just to your successes?"

  38. Alliyah says that when she moved in to her dorm her father told her, "I want you to have fun. Find good friends. Love your time here and actually enjoy yourself." She wants him to know she did. "Daddy, you can relax now," she says.

  39. Alliyah Allen, a religion major with a concentration in Africana studies, has been selected to give remarks by her class.

  40. Gary concludes by saying, "Each day, I work to lift you up and make you smile. And on this important day, I don’t have to work too hard – it’s all smiles here. I wish you and your loved ones the very best."

  41. Gary encourages the graduates to work hard (a lesson he learned from his mom, growing up in West Philly) and seek out mentors (like the one he has in Kevin in the Coop).

  42. "We have a bunch of terrific student workers in the Coop, including some of the special seniors graduating today…Teaching you how to prepare food & helping prepare you for what comes next in your life is a tremendously rewarding aspect of my job."

  43. Gary says he's overwhelmed to have been asked to speak, but also overjoyed. "I came to Haverford for the promise of a workplace with genuine personal interaction, and an opportunity to be a part of a community, and every day has lived up to that promise."

  44. Every year opening remarks are given by a faculty or staff member chosen by the senior class. have chosen Gary King, short-order cook who works the deli station at lunch in the Coop.

  45. Kim Benston welcomes the crowd and leads us all in a moment of silence.

  46. Here they come. It’s an umbrella procession! ☔️ 🎓

  47. So proud of the Class of 2018! Let’s do this!

  48. So exciting to see the seniors in the black robes ready to graduate! 🎓

  49. Families are starting to arrive to stake out seats, but the Field House is still relatively empty. Some attendees are now at the Haverford Friends Meeting House for the annual Commencement Day Quaker Meeting.

  50. The program lists not only the majors/minors/concentrations/awards of each graduate, but also the title of their thesis/es. 🎓

  51. Good morning! Commencement is finally here! Despite the weather we won’t let it rain on our parade.

  52. We'll be live tweeting Commencement tomorrow, starting around 8:30am (ceremony at 10). Follow along the celebration! (If you're not interested, perhaps unfollow us & refollow on Monday; it's going to get noisy on here.)

  53. We are SO EXCITED about Commencement tomorrow! We can't wait to celebrate ! If you're looking for a schedule of events, details about parking or photography, or information about the honorary degree recipients, look no further: https://www.haverford.edu/commencement 

  54. Do you know how to “decode” Commencement regalia? Kim Benston wears a light blue robe (indicating his Ph.D from Yale) w/a dark blue-bordered hood (for his Doctor of Philosophy degree) & 4 bars on his sleeve (as College President) edged in Haverford scarlet.

  55. We’re excited that this year, for the first time, the Commencement program will also be available in Spanish and Mandarin.

  56. In 2 days the 317 members of the Class of 2018 will graduate! Did you know that 100 years ago, at the 1918 , the class was only 22 people (with another 3 receiving master's degrees)?