What Do You Value?

Understanding who you are as an individual is elemental to nearly every decision you’ll make as a sophomore: What you’d like to study / Where you wish to major (Haverford vs. Bryn Mawr) / How you envision your sophomore summer (interning, conducting research, providing relief/aid in another part of the world) / Where you hope to travel (for junior year study abroad or perhaps a CPGC fellowship) / Where you might volunteer / Whether or not a minor would meaningfully complement your interests / Who it would make sense for you to informationally interview as you develop professionally. The list goes on…

Central to these conversations is the reality that your values, ideals and needs for personal fulfillment are different from those around you.  Like it or not, you’re unique.  And your motivations are distinctly tied to your value system.  With a year of college behind you, now is the time to give some thought to how your values and priorities have shifted since high school.

To that end, and with an eye towards your individuality, unique strengths and self-discovery, you’re encouraged to research self-assessment tools and speak with your dean and the Center for Career and Professional Advising if you’re interested in making use of any of them.