Welcome to The Year After, your very own Sophomore Year Blog!

Consider this online space your guidepost for all things sophomore year.  If you think something’s missing, don’t be shy about letting us know.

The blog was created in recognition of how many big decisions you will make this year: Choosing a major / selecting an internship or research opportunity for sophomore summer / identifying the best-fit study abroad program for junior year (or spring semester)…to name just a few.  In so many ways, this is the year for PLANNING AHEAD.  And with all that’s been made of the so-called “sophomore slump” (you’ll hear that phrase causally tossed around), we decided we’d balance the conversation a bit.

We’re adding a richly positive spin on sophomore year because we’re persuaded that your second year of college is far too important to spend in a slump.  Who has time?  Past and present, Haverford sophomores are change agents, campus leaders, fearlessly optimistic young people excited about what’s to come.  And we want to be excited and forward thinking with you.

While your responsibilities have surely grown and the nurturing of freshmen year may have come to an end, by no means are you alone.  Quite the contrary. The Year After staff recognizes the challenges associated with being housed apart from your Customs group, shuffled to a new dean and asked about your major…constantly.  You’re facing new and unfamiliar questions. We’ve all been there.  So to the best of our collective ability, we’d like to guide you toward some of the answers and supply you with tools and insights to triumphantly roar through to your upperclassmen years.  In doing so, we hope to have some fun getting to know what’s on the mind of today’s sophomore!


Look around, have some fun in The Sophomore Forum and let us know how we can help you through the year after.

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