The Law School Application – Timeline and Checklist

Hello Haverford Sophomores! If you are thinking about law school – and especially if you are thinking about attending law school immediately after Haverford – it is never too early to think about what the law school application cycle looks like, and what it will mean to you.

There are several things you can do now: build great relationships with your faculty; keep a strong GPA; experience law through networking, externships and internships, etc. Students wanting to attend law school right away will apply in the beginning of their Senior year, and so a conversation with the pre-law advisor at the end of this semester is a great idea.

Applying to law school generally takes a well-thought-out plan, and because applications are released a full year before you matriculate, applicants generally start the process about 18-24 months ahead of when they plan to attend. This time includes studying for and taking the LSAT. In that time you will have (hopefully) pinpointed your reasons for wanting to go to law school, and made a well-informed and practical decision.

As Haverford students and alumni, you have a valuable resource in the CCPA! Our pre-law advisor that can help you with every step of the way, from making that initial decision to attend, to sending in that last application, and everything in between.

The Spring before you apply (about 18 months ahead of your first day as a 1L!) is the time of year that students and alumni start to ramp up their law school applications, with the LSAT and administrative components starting to materialize. Below is a check list to help you along the way!

Haverford College – Law School Application Checklist

6-12 Months before you apply
(you will apply one full year before you matriculate into law school)

  • Attend a Pre-Law Orientation or meet with Jennifer Barr
    Appointments made through Emmy Robinson: 610-896-1181
  • Open a free online account with the Law School Admission Council (
  • Authorize the release of your information to Haverford for contact info and statistical purposes.
  • Decide on which LSAT you will be taking, if you have not already done so (Feb., June, Oct., Dec.).
  • Create a timeline for yourself, working backwards from the date you would like to matriculate.
  • Prepare for and registrar for the June LSAT (if necessary).


  • Subscribe to the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS).
    This is a fee based service and required to apply to law school.
  • Request Letters of Recommendation or Evaluation Services from Faculty or others.


  • Take the June LSAT(if scheduled).
  • Have official transcripts sent to the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).
  • Conduct research on law schools.
  • Review applications and brochures.
  • Research, visit, and select appropriate range of law schools.
  • Prepare personal statement.
  • Meet with Jennifer Barr as needed, telephone appointments are available through # above.
  • Check-in with your letter of recommendation writers / evaluators.
  • Request a Deans Certification for schools that require it (only 8 schools require).
  • Prepare for and registrar for the October LSAT (if necessary).
  • Sign up for a CRA Account (Candidate Referral Service) through LSAC.
    Schools will recruit you and possibly send application fee waivers.


  • Take October LSAT (if necessary).
  • Request a Dean’s Certification for schools that require it (if not yet requested).
  • Attend Law School Information Sessions with admission officers from various law schools.
  • Attend the Philadelphia Law School Fair (held annually at Drexel), or Fairs in other cities.
  • Confirm your application materials/File is complete at LSAC.
  • Apply to an appropriate range of law schools. The EARLIER you apply, the better!
  • Applications become available between September 1 – October 1
  • Prepare for and registrar for the December LSAT (if necessary).


  • Complete and file financial aid applications – very early winter.
  • Send an updated transcript with Fall term grades to LSAC if needed.
  • Take the December LSAT (if necessary).


  • Meet with Jennifer as needed & as you hear from schools.
  • Talk with Haverford Law Alumni about various schools they attended.
  • Join the HC Law Alumni LinkedIn Group.
  • Send continued-interest letters to any wait list schools.
  • Visit Law Schools as you hear acceptances/Attend Accepted Student days.
  • Pay your seat deposit by law school deadline.

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  1. Hi, I am looking at going to law school. I found this article to be very helpful, with all of the tips. I am a sophomore in high-school this year.

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