Nature: 1, Haverhawks: 0

Our last day in Italy was spent white water rafting, doing yoga on the side of a busy road, and eating a delicious Italian dinner right off of Lake Como. Continue reading

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The Haverhawks Win 1-0!

Hey everyone!

Today was a very exciting day as we immersed ourselves in Italian culture and became pizza chefs for the first half of the day. Continue reading

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Soccer in the Mountains

Hello everyone!

Today was the first day without morning fitness so everyone was very happy to be able to sleep in. After waking up around 8:15 (yep, that’s sleeping in for us these days), we took a four hour bus ride to Milan. Continue reading

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So Italy is Kind of Beautiful

Hello again everyone!

Today was one of the most relaxing days of the trip thus far. We started the day with a bit of conditioning with the ball at a nearby field and made a quick turn around to get showered and out of the hotel by 9AM to beat the traffic on our way to the Cinque Terre area located in the Levanto region. Continue reading

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The Day the Italian National Team Stole Our Field

The last two days for us have been filled with sightseeing, soccer, eating amazing food, and most importantly, shopping. Continue reading

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Ciao Rome!

Hello everyone!

After a long 18-hour day/night of traveling, which included movement screening in the middle of the airport and many airport snack purchases, we finally made it to Rome around 9 AM local time. Continue reading

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Women’s Soccer in Italy

On August 6th the team will be leaving Philadelphia for Rome, Italy!┬áKylie Reeves ’14 will be blogging. Learn more ┬╗

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