Vertna Bradley

Vertna Bradley
Single-Channel Video
Courtesy of the Artist

Born in Mexico, Missouri, she grew up along the Mississippi River in Keokuk, Iowa. Her interest in expressing herself through film/books is a culmination of 20 years of working in, creating, and studying mass media as a copywriter, author, producer, videographer, filmmaker, editor, visual artist, professor, and two-time Accolade Award winner.

Vertna holds a BFA in Film/Video Production, an MFA in Film/Video Production with a minor in Mass Communication, and is currently completing her PhD in Media/Communication with an emphasis on Film Philosophy from the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland. She is also the founder/owner of Filmwomyn Media, LLC.

She works in forms ranging from handmade/cameraless films, to 16mm and super 8 films, to video and broadcast television. Her collection of work includes avant-garde, documentary, narrative, television commercials, news topicals/promotions, and experimental lesbian erotica poems. Her true passion is 16mm film because as a medium, she believes that it can be touched, felt, and manipulated more readily than video.

Read about the student research effort that supported Scandalous, her project for Sex Drive.

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