Mahmoud Aliamer
Beyond Fingerprints: Computational Methods of Genre Classification
Mahmoud is a third year undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities major at the University of Chicago from Newark, NJ. Focusing on English Language and Literature, History, and Philosophy, his digital humanities interests are mainly on the use of computational methods to aptly categorize data.


3359354b-56c3-419d-93f2-d043602b6066Charlotte Ector
Visualizing Guilt: A Viewshed Model For Analyzing Community Awareness of Nazi KZ Activity
Charlotte Ector is a junior geography major and German and Russian minor at the University of South Carolina. She is interested in analyzing historical geospatial data and relationships through GIS.

Claudia Lo
Twine for Academics

Claudia Lo is a senior at Swarthmore College. She focuses on queer and feminist video game studies, and is currently working on a thesis on video game controller discourse (naturally, written in Twine).




Itzel Delgado, Maria Bojorquez-Gomez, Daniel Sax
The Atlas of the Dead: A New Perspective on Cultural Preservation
Itzel is a Comparative Literature major and Latin American, Latina/o, and Iberian studies concentrator. Maria is a senior at Haverford majoring in Political Science with a minor in Chinese and concentration in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. Daniel Sax is a sophomore Sociology Major at Haverford College.


43473250-1027-41d9-b708-cb33f87cb0aaAndrew Hitchcock
A War Journal in 3D
I’m from from Ashland, Wisconsin. I’m a senior in the Professional Communication and Emerging Media.




866bd0aa-72e8-44eb-bb11-7fa461a8e4d0Malin Josefina Jornvi
Finding Structures
Malin is a sophomore in the Drama BFA program at Tisch School of Arts. Originally from Sweden, she came to New York to be able to combine rigorous theater training with challenging academics, and therefore enjoys the theoretical aspect of theater studies and its possibility of analyzing art in a greater cultural and existential context.


569163bf-78fb-44eb-9db4-2e5200e3165eIsaac Selchaif
Digital Data Analysis vs. Digital Humanities

I am a history major with a minor in political science and education at Skidmore College. Data analysis and the intersection of data, history, and how we can interpret it for educative gain interests me deeply, and thus I am excited to explore how that crossroad can be bettered.


8c93a4ff-b0cb-4381-921c-56ba8e3ea6a4Alicia Sims
Diversifying IT
I am a senior Digital Media major from Messiah College interested in all forms of communication and the ways in which people relate to each other. My capstone project combines my interests in technology with my passion for people, addressing the need for gender and ethnic diversity in tech positions across the United States.

5acdca00-66a0-48f5-a998-3fecd3521610PJ Trainor
Comparing Directors with Small Multiples
PJ is a senior at Swarthmore College, far from his home in Miami, FL.  He studies mathematics, economics, and film, and sees data visualization as the intersection of all three.



fbc0d88a-2d56-4524-9266-552308a7dd9c Tania Uruchima
We Are (Not) Here to Teach You: Talking Race and Racism on Tumblr
Tania is a senior at Swarthmore College, happily delving into the intersection of race, class, and education through her Sociology/Anthropology & Educational Studies special major. When she’s not struggling through a sociology-induced headache, you can find her sitting by an open window, enjoying the smell of fresh air and the taste of a good sentence. 


d2dbfc7f-788d-4762-923d-4ee4ff4e5914 Derek Woellner
Exploring sustainable farming practices and technologies in a virtual environment
I am a senior in the Professional Communications and Emerging Media program at UW–Stout. One of my life goals is to become food self-sufficient, so that I won’t need to go to grocery store. 



e40ee0c1-9c09-41d6-93d8-46a14de82025-1Quinn Wong
More than “Just for Lulz”: Internet Memes’ Potential for Political Activism

Quinn is a senior Political Science major and Spanish minor at Swarthmore College, where she spends most of her time studying the political implications of popular culture. When she is not busy critically engaging with media on Youtube, Quinn dabbles in Photoshop and gif making.


Amy Xu
Epistemic Injustice in Big Data

Amy Xu is a philosophy major at Bryn Mawr College. She hopes to focus her senior thesis on epistemic injustice.




_SAM2950 (2)_optJion Yi
Newbook Digital Texts Project: The Alexander Svoboda Diaries and the Digital Revival of Cultural Heritage
Jion a first-year student at University of Washington, Jion plans to major in International Studies and minor in French. Her goal is to use digital language to bridge the fields of international affairs, history, and technology.


obGdWTSjThe Swarthmore Digital Humanities Interest Group 

The Swarthmore Digital Humanities Interest Group (Di:HuG for short) is a group of undergraduates from Swarthmore College who meet monthly to discuss DH and to plan DH-related workshops and toolkit sessions. The current members active on this particular project are Leila Selchaif ’18, Claudia Lo ’16, Adriana Obiols ’16, Rebekah Gelpi ’16 and Bobby Zipp ’18.