Kayla Black

Kayla is a Senior at the University of Wisconsin–Stout, Graduating in May 2015 from the Professional Communication and Emerging Media program, concentrating on Digital Humanities. She is from Excelsior, MN and enjoys hiking and travel photography in her free time.



Lauren Brooker

Lauren Brooker is a senior at UW–Stout from Wausau, WI. Her hobbies include photography and enjoying the outdoors.




Craig CampbellCraig Campbell

Craig Campbell is a senior at Amherst College, where he is majoring in Architectural Studies and Mathematics. He is a Five College Digital Humanities Fellow, Associate Editor of Formplay, and Founding Editor of



Mae Capozzi

Mae Capozzi

Mae Capozzi is currently a senior English major and Italian minor at Skidmore College. Her interests include literary theory and philosophy, Victorian and modernist literature, and jazz.






Rachel CarRachel Careyey

Rachel Carey is a junior history major at Messiah College who is actively involved in the growth of the humanities through her role as a Student Fellow for the Center for Public Humanities. She, along with other students at Messiah College and Harrisburg University have been working on the expansion of the digital humanities within the Greater Harrisburg Area academic community.


Tiffany ChanTiffany Chan

Tiffany Chan is a senior English major at Queen’s University, Canada, and a Student Assistant at Queen’s University’s Special Collections Library. Her interests (scholarly or otherwise) include 19th-century studies, multi-modal storytelling, and video games.



Hilary ClearyHillary Cleary

Hillary is an undergraduate senior studying History, Design/Media Arts and Digital Humanities at UCLA. Hillary is currently the student archivist and curator for UCLA’s video game library community collection. Hillary was also a digital media and archival intern at the Smithsonian’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage during the summer of 2014. She is especially interested in the creation of games with historical relevancies, which stimulate alternative pedagogical approaches to studying human history.


Daniela Dimitrova

Daniela Dimitrova

Daniela Dimitrova is a third-year Art History student at Brandeis University who is very passionate about museum education. She hopes to find different ways in which this field can be enriched by using new technology.





Andrew DoranceAndrew Dorrance

Andrew Dorrance is a senior Spanish major with minors in English Literature and Gender and Sexuality Studies at Swarthmore College. After volunteering with the LGBT organization COGAM in Madrid, he was awarded the Joel Dean Summer Research Fellowship to research Queer social movements at the University of Buenos Aires.


Joy C. Guey

Joy C. Guey

A senior Psychology major at UCLA, Joy Guey also pursues a minor in Digital Humanities to learn more about interdisciplinary fields and to continue exploring her passion for architecture. She currently focuses on her research with Professor Lisa M. Snyder on VSim, a platform to peer review, publish, and disseminate academically generated 3D content.


Hillary Hopkins

Hilary Hopkins

Hilary is a senior at Southern Methodist University, and majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in English. She very involved within the English department and research spheres at SMU, so there was no better way than doing research in anonymous social media to combine these two disciplines before she heads off to medical school.



Livi Huval

Livi Huval

Livi Huval is a senior Anthropology major at Bryn Mawr College from Somerville, MA. In her free time, Livi dances with Choom Boom, Bryn Mawr’s K-Pop and J-Pop dance cover group, and gardens. Livi is excited to present her thesis research at the Re:Humanities 2015 Conference!







Jace Johnson

Jace Johnson, from Hortonville, WI, is a senior at University of Wisconsin–Stout. He likes good conversation and new experiences.






Marisa Malahowski

Marisa Malahowski is a 22 year old digital humanities enthusiast at the University of Wisconsin–Stout. When not researching, she tends to spend her time collecting Disney movies and obsessing over Norman Reeds from The Walking Dead.



Zoya Mohammad

Zoya Mohammad

Zoya is a senior at Southern Methodist University, double majoring in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Photography. Hilary and Zoya have done extensive research in Chemistry and will be attending medical school this fall, so they thought they could finish off their undergraduate careers with a final (and more creative) research project.






Jordan Ogdahl

Jordan Ogdahl is a 21-year-old car enthusiast attending UW–Stout. Beyond being a Professional Communications Major concentrating in Digital Humanities, he also snowboards and does his best to work on his Oldsmobile Alero.



Andrew Andrew RikardRikard

Andrew Rikard is a sophomore at Davidson College, fascinated by his net-centric generation. He hopes to taunt traditional literary structures through the digital, especially as they concern his Modernist love interest, Mina Loy.



Emily Talian

Emily Talian

Emmy Talian is a senior special major in English Literature and Educational Studies at Swarthmore College, working toward secondary certification in English. After she consistently found herself writing papers that dealt with gender and sexuality within educational and literary contexts, she finally took her first Gender and Sexuality Studies course, during which she and Mr. Dorrance developed the idea for this project.


Allen Williams

Allen Williams

Allen Williams is a Senior English Major at Princeton University, who is interested in digital narrative in all forms. In addition to his studies in the Digital Humanities, he has created code poetry, hypertext literature, and electronic music in The Edward’s Art Collective and the Princeton Laptop Orchestra.




Dalia Wolfson

Dalia Wolfson

Dalia Wolfson is a sophomore majoring in Comparative Literature (concentrating in Russian) at Yale University. She is interested in translation, fragments and






Siyang You

Siyang You

Siyang You is a junior from Bryn Mawr College, double majoring in Growth and Structure of Cities, and Fine Arts. Her major academic interests include architecture, design, social mentalities, and is recently obsessed with redology. She also works with Visual Resources Center in the Carpenter Library of Bryn Mawr, and a student research assistant working with Professor Jeffrey Cohen on historical archives funded by Trico Digital Humanities Initiative. She is also a self-assumed music, drawing, painting, photography lover.


Zimmer Brittany Zimmer

Brittany Zimmer has an intense interest in the Digital Humanities and a fascination with marketing strategies, especially those involving social media. After she graduates from the University of Wisconsin–Stout in May 2015, she would love to work for a nonprofit in Chicago, IL.