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Archana Archana Kaku •

Archana is a senior English and Political Science double major at Bryn Mawr College, with a specific interest in the Middle East and South Asia. She is intrigued by how digital texts can provide new platforms for minority scholars and create new opportunities for creating and understanding literature from the margins, but suffers from an inescapable love of print media and dead authors. In her free time, she enjoys working colonialism into casual conversation.

Hema Hema Surendranathan Hema is a senior English major with a minor in Creative Writing. She currently has archive fever and is writing a thesis on A.S. Byatt.


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Josh Bucheister • Josh is a senior English Major at Haverford College from Pleasantville, NY. He has recently fallen deeply in love with Victorian fiction, and will be writing a thesis on Thackeray’s Vanity Fair—a love affair from which he hopes never to emerge. Since taking a class on New Media and the Gothic last spring, Josh has become obsessed with the emancipatory, ethical, and spooky potentials of new digital technologies.

SierraSierra Eckert •

Sierra is a senior at Swarthmore College. She is an Honors English literature major and Honors Interpretation Theory minor, with a Creative Writing concentration. When she’s not writing, coding, or editing Nacht literary magazine, she’s researching for her thesis on indexes, information culture, and Walter Benjamin’s The Arcades Project. Her work has appeared in SURJ, The Susquehanna Review, Plain China, and Small Craft Warnings. @sierraeckert

CalebCaleb Eckert Caleb is a freshman at Haverford College. He is interested in film, photography, design, social justice, and storytelling. Fascinated by media, Caleb studies the potential interactions of slow journalism, cultural history, and contemporary design. He explores what it means to create meaningful connections between digital tools and people.

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obietaKatrina Obieta Katrina Obieta is a junior Biology and English double major at Bryn Mawr College from Buena Park, California. She is most interested in investigating and manipulating the intersections of science and humanities; using skills in both disciplines to inform the public. Katrina is also on Bryn Mawr’s Swimming Team.