Elizabeth AlexanderElizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Alexander is a senior English and Black Studies double major at Amherst College from Chicago, IL. Her project, Too Much For My Weak Frame, addresses issues of trauma, embodiment, and code in histories and narratives of black women’s enslavement.





Benjamin Bernard-Herman and Dylan Hillerbrand

Benjamin Bernard-Herman
Benjamin Bernard-Herman is a senior at Swarthmore College, where he is majoring in Sociology and Anthropology and is writing his thesis on cuisine, history and identity in Israeli culture. His other interests include postmodern ethics and religion, engaging in environmental justice activism, and baking sourdough bread.


Mae CapozziMae Capozzi
Mae Capozzi is a junior English major and Italian minor at Skidmore College. She is fascinated by post-colonial theory and the British-Indian colonial relationship, and would like to continue her study of this subject matter on the graduate level.






TessaCarterTessa Carter
Tessa Carter, is a senior at the University of Washington studying International Studies and minoring in French and Spanish.





SierraSierra Eckert
Sierra Eckert is a senior at Swarthmore College. She is an Honors English literature major and Honors Interpretation Theory minor. She’s interested in the intersection of technology and reading in the ways we collect, organize and visualize data. Her thesis, “The Indexical Imagination” focuses on the aesthetics and politics of information culture, which means she spends an inordinate amount of time reading indexes.



Daniel FriesDaniel Fries
Daniel is a junior who will major in Comparative Literature with a focus on French and Arabic media. He is a student, artist, designer, and critic.






Square_photo_Kelsie_HaakensonKelsie Haakenson
Kelsie Haakenson is a sophomore history and computer science major at University of Washington, minoring in French.







Matthew Hennigar
Matthew Hennigar is a Senior English Major at Hamilton College. He has been working with Professor Doran Larson on the American Prison Writing Archive for a year and a half, and in his spare time enjoys the work of James Joyce, bow ties, and long moonlit walks on the sidewalk.



Benjamin Bernard-Herman and Dylan Hillerbrand

Dylan Hillerbrand
Dylan Hillerbrand is a senior at Swarthmore College, where he is completing a major in mathematics. He likes thinking about postmodern religious thought, history, renaissance and Eduardian choral music, and the pedal steel.


Bronwen Hudson

Bronwen Hudson
Bronwen Hudson is a senior at the University of Vermont and she is currently working on an honors thesis entitled ‘Poetry as a Complex System’. Bronwen has a great deal of interest in the Digital Humanities as well as a deep love for formal lyric poetry.

Julia HunterJulia Hunter
Julia Hunter is a senior at Haverford College and an independent major in Gender and Sexuality Studies, working at the intersection of queer theory, disability studies, and media studies. Though her most serious work is on reality television and the artistry of Tyra Banks, she is also a scholar of Ke$ha and various cyborg pop stars.




Seth Kolker
Seth Kolker is originally from Arlington, Virginia, now a junior at Yale majoring in Ethics, Politics, & Economics. He’s interested in education, development, cities, philosophy, and good times with Yale’s mascot, Handsome Dan.

Marissa Koors

Marissa Koors
Marissa Koors is a senior undergraduate in the Writing, Literature, and Publishing program at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, with a concentration in critical and literary theory. Her recent activities include writing an undergraduate thesis on critical theory and video games, becoming a HASTAC 2014 Scholar, a Books Acquisitions internship at the MIT Press, and a research assistantship at the Engagement Game Lab. In her spare time, Marissa enjoys playing the violin, writing short fiction, and cuddling with cats. She is currently working on “The Civic Media Reader”, an edited collection slated for publication by MIT Press in Fall 2015.

Gavriella Levy Haskell

Gavriella Levy Haskell
A junior Art History and Computer Science double major at Smith College, Gavriella Levy Haskell spent her summer working remotely on the London National Gallery’s database of Raphael paintings, mapping their ontology to the CIDOC CRM (a standard for cultural heritage documentation). She hopes to pursue a career in academia, perhaps focusing on 19th-century British painting.


McCleary PhilbinMcCleary Philbin
McCleary Philbin is a double major in mathematics and English literature in her senior year at Swarthmore. On the literature side of things, she is particularly interested in archival research as a means to study the borrowing or “plagiarizing” among authors and poets in their original works.





Jared RankinJared Rankin
Jared Rankin is a student of philosophy graduating from Bard College this spring. His project was completed as a commingling of his senior thesis and work done in his time as research intern at the Bard Center for the Study of the Drone.



Rachel Schlotfeldt

Rachel Schlotfeldt
Rachel Schlotfeldt is a senior at University of Washington studying English Literature and French.






Richard Scott Richard Scott
Richard G. Scott ’14 is a double major in English literature and mathematics at Swarthmore College. His research interests vary from statistics to postwar American fiction and romanticism.







Hema Surendranathan
Hema Surendranathan is a senior English major and Creative Writing minor at Bryn Mawr. She gets excited about traditional and new archives, what digital experiences can tell us about the contemporary human condition and that next foodie adventure Yelp will take her on next. She likes to chat, so talk to her @hematalk.




Hannah Weissmann

Hannah Weissmann
Hannah Weissmann is a freshman at Haverford College. She has been programming games for over 8 years. She has been engaged in several projects that involve reconceiving the nature of the book.






Elizabeth Wicks

Elizabeth Wicks
Elizabeth is a sophomore International Studies and French major at the University of Mississippi, and she is specifically interested in the medical field. She became interested in maps, spectral imaging, and spatio-temporal modeling after she had the opportunity to image the Vercelli Book and the Vercelli Mappamundi as a part of the Lazarus Project team, an interdisciplinary project focused on using multispectral imaging to revive damaged documents.



Zac WunrowZac Wunrow
Zac Wunrow is an English Literature major and Film and Media Studies minor in his senior year at Swarthmore College. He is particularly interested in the gender and race politics of early American writings, having previously transcribed and analyzed five Quaker travel journals under the instruction of Professor Keat Murray.