Working Group Re:Hum ’13

Mirella Deocadiz, Bryn Mawr College ’13

Mirella Deocadiz is a senior independent major in Comparative Media Studies at Bryn Mawr College. Her obsession with all things media-related began in the womb and she doesn’t remember wanting to do anything else. She dreams of landing a fast-paced job in the media industry and growing to be at least five feet tall.




Sierra Eckert, Swarthmore College  ’14

Sierra Eckert is a junior at Swarthmore College. She is an Honors English literature major and Honors interpretation theory minor, with a mathematics course minor and a concentration in creative writing. When she’s not writing or editing Nacht literary magazine, she studies the tensions between art and commodity in modern literature. Her work has appeared in the Susquehanna ReviewPlain China, and Small Craft Warnings.


Amanda Kennedy, Bryn Mawr College ’13

Amanda Kennedy is a senior English major concentrating in creative writing at Bryn Mawr. She is currently writing a thesis entitled, “Negotiating the Consumerism of Girlhood Through Reading Practices in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women and the Online Magazine Rookie.” Her writing has appeared in both print and online in the Bi-College News, Heart of Gold, the Intelligencer Journal/New Era, ShimmerTeen, and Bryn Mawr Now. Someday, she would like to be as awesome as Tavi Gevinson. This year, her goal is to learn how to code.



Brenna Lash, Bryn Mawr College ’14

Brenna Lash is a junior at Bryn Mawr College with a major in Growth and Structure of Cities and a minor in English. She enjoys looking at maps, in both print and digital formats, and intends to live life with her head in the clouds.





Katrina Obieta, Bryn Mawr College ’15

Katrina Obieta is from Buena Park, California, and double majoring in English and Biology. She is most interested in investigating and manipulating the intersections of science and humanities; using both disciplines to translate and inform the public. Outside the classroom, Katrina swims for Bryn Mawr and is part of her dorm leadership team. She one day hopes to wake up as Beyoncé Knowles.



Shahzeen Nasim, Haverford College ’15

Shahzeen Nasim is a sophomore Comparative Literature major, Arabic minor. She writes poems, makes posters and enjoys picking up new languages (currently immersed in Arabic and Farsi.





Besan Abu Radwan, Haverford College ’14

Besan Abu Radwan is  a junior Computer Science major at Haverford, who is very interested in issues relating to education and its link with the sciences. She loves computer science. It is literally her jam. She spends copious amounts of time trying to perfect hardware designs for microprocessors she has helped build.





Hema Surendranathan, Bryn Mawr  College ’14

Hema Surendranathan is a constantly hungry junior English major. She spends a lot of time concerned with citation and copyright, which is somewhat funny because the country she comes from is a notorious digital piracy hub.