Speakers ’13


Rose Abernathy, Haverford College ’13

Rose Abernathy is a senior in Computer Science at Haverford College who loves making games. Her recent game-related endeavors include writing an undergraduate thesis on narrative generation for video games, interning with Final Form Games, and attending the Game Developers Conference.







Amelia Arnold, Bryn Mawr College ’16

Amelia Arnold is a freshman English major at Bryn Mawr College.




Morgan Brown pic


Morgan Brown, University of California, Santa Cruz

Morgan Brown graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a Bachelor Degree in History. She’s the Social Media Manager at Trade as One, an online fair trade food company. As a member of the ROUTES project for the past two years, her work focuses on Digital Humanities’ ability to reform education and Social Media’s ability to engage people in transcending geographical and cultural boundaries. She loves coffee, human connectedness, simple living, and will travel just about anywhere. She hopes to continue finding ways to combine her love of social media and her commitment to international justice in education, society and beyond.


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Ben EllentuckSwarthmore College14

Ben is a junior at Swarthmore College, currently majoring in Philosophy. His academic interests extend to media studies, cultural anthropology, digital film production, religious esoterica and rhetoric, in addition to Digital Humanities. Other things he is doing at Swarthmore at the moment include co-DJing an absurdist-Gothic radio show set in 1984, working as a Writing and Speaking Associate for the Writing Center, serving as an editor for Small Craft (litmag), playing around with Vertigo-go (improv), and eating cookies.



Colleen DenteMessiah College14

Colleen is a lover of all things film, and will challenge you to a duel of movie trivia any time. She has served for two years as the Film Executive on the Student Activities Board at Messiah College, writes regularly for Cinemablography, is facilitating a switch from 35MM to digital projection in their on-campus theater, and plans to attend her first film festival next year. In addition to being a Communication major, Colleen has minors in Biology, Philosophy, and Politics, hoping to spark discussions among young people in all of these areas through writing. Colleen currently resides in Harrisburg, PA, and would love to follow you on Twitter! Reach her @CollDoll616.





Becca Giles, Carleton College  ’15

Becca Giles is a current sophomore at Carleton College who intends to major in either Political Science or History and concentrate in French and Francophone Studies. Becca hails from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and, like any respectable cheese-head, is a diehard Packer fan. At Carleton, Becca enjoys playing frisbee, participating in Model United Nations and serving as College Council Liaison for the Carleton Student Association. Becca also works as a Student Assistant in the Carleton College Career Center, and as a research assistant for Associate Professor of History, Serena Zabin. Through her research with Professor Zabin, Becca gained exposure to the digital humanities, and began to conceptualize humanities research in a different way. This summer, Becca hopes to intern with a public interest communications organization or non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. After graduation, Becca would like to pursue her interest in civic engagement by working as a community organizer, a position she feels would provide her with the skills she needs to establish a career in her chosen field: consulting.



Conor J Hafertepe, Temple University ’13

Conor Hafertepe is an undergraduate honors student at Temple University studying in the Film and Media Arts department. He plans to graduate this Spring.





Megan Keller, Messiah College ’13

Megan Keller is a senior History with Social Studies Certification major at Messiah College. Keller acquired her research interests in the history of the American labor movement from growing up near Hershey, Pennsylvania. At Re: Humanities ‘13, Keller will speak about “iHersheyTour: A Guided Tour of Hershey, Pennsylvania in the Industrial Age,” her free iOS app that tells the town’s late nineteenth and early twentieth century social history using the medium of multimedia storytelling. At Messiah College, Keller works as a Smith Scholar Intern for a Department of History Professor, serves as the President of the History Club, is a Diplomat for the Department of History, is a member of the School of the Humanities’ Dean’s Student Advisory Council, and judges at National History Day competitions throughout the academic year. She was a 2011 inductee to the Alpha-Kappa-Sigma chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. Keller has also worked for The Hershey Company since 2006. She passes her spare time by reading the literary works of authors such as Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Keller also enjoys long-distance running and playing her electric guitar.



Maxwell Lopez, Hamilton College

Max Lopez is a sophomore at Hamilton College and an Archaeology Major with a Chinese minor. Ever since he was but a wee babe did he know he wanted to be an archaeologist. Aside from academic interests Max is an outing club officer and self-proclaimed lover of rocks, enjoying both climbing and curling.




Michael Marchetti,  Temple University ’13

Michael Marchetti was born in North Eastern PA to the city of Wilkes-Barre. In his early life Michael often adventured in the mountains that surrounded his hometown, gaining an appreciation for hidden secrets, strange finds, and beautiful locations. 2012 brought his first film Directorial projects with
“–snap”, an evocative horror film, and “The Hypnotist,” a magical realist drama. After completion of both films post production in 2013 Michael aims to begin preproduction on his first feature. Michael has also branched out into the study of interactive narrative, helping to develop two courses at Temple University that dissect videogame narrative and theory. He will be finishing his bachelors degree in film and media arts at Temple University in 2013.





Clint Mullins, Connecticut College ’13

Clint grew up in Ridgefield, CT and favored English in high school. After a Python intro course at Connecticut College, he found that Computer Science was so different and refreshing that he switched his plan entirely. As a current senior, he does not regret the switch he made from humanities to the digital realm, however he wanted to combine his past interests with his new flame. This digital humanities project is his honors thesis at Connecticut College.




Thomas J Murphy , Northeastern ’13

Tom Murphy is a senior at Northeastern University working towards an English major and Economics minor. As a scholar, Tom is interested in modernist literature, interdisciplinary methods of interpreting or explaining text, and more recently the creative outputs of “conceptual blending” to be found in literature. At Re: Humanities, Tom’s presentation will speak to all of these subjects in relation to James Joyce’s 1939 novel Finnegans Wake. When not studying, Tom enjoys maintaining an eclectic group of both friends and interests– from Olympic weightlifting to Baroque paintings. With an eye toward a fast approaching graduation date, Tom looks forward to working while pursuing further education.



Max Nesterak, Swarthmore ‘13

Max is majoring English Literature and German Studies at Swarthmore College. He serves as the Co-Editor in Chief of Swarthmore’s The Daily Gazette and is a regular contributor for the online art magazine, ArtSlant. When not deleting double spaces after periods and double-checking that “Internet” is indeed still capitalized according to the AP Style Guide, Max is probably watching RuPaul’s Drag Race or intently reading a random blog he doesn’t know how he ended up at in the first place.




Mary Clare

Mary Clare O’Donnell, Haverford College ’14 

Mary Clare is a Junior History & Comparative Literature major with interests in documentary filmmaking, histories of early modernity and most recently, Don DeLillo and 9/11. Along with working in the Writing Center and as a research assistant in Magill Library, she enjoys plotting her permanent escape to Mexico City. This summer she will be in London and Kolkata listening to twee pop and researching for a senior thesis on empire and affect in the East India Company



Lois Rosson, University of California Santa Cruz ’13

Lois Rosson is currently a fourth-year History major at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She’s the Program Director at UCSC’s on-campus FM radio station, KZSC Santa Cruz, and cites her work in broadcasting as a significant academic influence. Lois’ work focuses primarily on sound, with an emphasis on oral history, storytelling, and audio documentation. Her most recent work explores alternate forms of historical record through global web-based social platforms and podcasts. Lois has an affinity for old doo-wop singles, avocados, and stone lithography.





Miriam Ward, State University of New York at New Paltz ’13

Miriam Ward is an award winning multimedia producer and has worked for several postproduction and production houses in New York City. She is a two time winner of New York Women in Communications Foundation scholarships, including winner of the 2012 Meredith Corporation Scholarship. She also received a national scholarship from the Broadcast Education Association for 2013-2014. She is in the Honors Program at the State University of New York at New Paltz, completing a double major in Digital Media Production and History with a minor in French. Her interests lie in applying digital visualization technologies to the historical studies.