Re:Hum ’12 Participants

Nick Allred, Swarthmore College
Nick Allred is currently a junior at Swarthmore College planning to graduate in 2013.  He is an Honors English major and Honors Political Science minor with a course minor in Interpretation Theory.  He is interested in intersections of socioeconomic history and literary production, in particular the early novel’s relationship to the development of capitalism.  Nick worked on END part-time in the summer of 2011 and plans to pursue related research into the late eighteenth-century  “it-narrative” in 2013.

Stephanie Cawley, Richard Stockton College

Stephanie Cawley, who recently graduated from Stockton College as class salutatorian, is from the deep south of New Jersey but lives in Philadelphia. While at Stockton, she was the chief editor of the Stockpot literary magazine, a student researcher for the Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project, and a tutor in the Writing Skills Center. She also completed a chapbook of poems about couch-surfing and road-tripping funded by a Distinguished Student Fellowship. She currently works as an SAT tutor and volunteers at Mighty Writers, and her poems have recently appeared in BOXCAR Poetry Review and Used Furniture Review.

Andrew Cheng, Swarthmore College

Andrew Cheng is a Senior at Swarthmore College pursuing an Honors double-major in Linguistics and Religion. He first took an interest in Linguistics his freshman year and was hooked by the work of Professor K. David Harrison on documenting and preserving endangered languages. After doing summer research at Swarthmore’s Endangered Languages Laboratory, he gained a new respect for the uses to which the Internet and computer technology can be put in the effort to keep dying languages alive. When Andrew isn’t working on papers or crunching data in the lab, he likes reading blogs, playing word games, and taking photos of everything.

Lauren Close, College of Wooster

Lauren Close is a senior History and Art History double major at the College of Wooster, Ohio, where she is also an amateur blogger. After studying abroad in Siena, Italy in the Spring of 2012 and revisiting Paris last January for research on her senior thesis, Lauren has officially been bitten by the travel bug. She lives for black coffee and bookstores, but dreams of living somewhere with plenty of art galleries. Since this last August, Lauren has been working on a digital equivalent of her senior thesis on the nineteenth century monumental art found in Paris’ Père Lachaise Cemetery and surrounding neighborhoods. Using a variety of basic web design, presentation and blogging tools, Lauren’s aim is to construct a website which engages and informs the general public about the fascinating history of Western public art. Although a work in progress, her goal is to create a map-based,virtual tour of Paris which emphasizes the importance of spatial and atmospheric context in the study of popular aesthetics.


Jesus Espinoza, San Jose State University

Jesus Espinoza is a graduating senior at San José State University majoring in English.  His current interests include Postmodernism, Library Science and the French language.  He is currently working on a project that aims to exhibit and digitize three rare artist books that he found. He will be presenting on this project at re:Humanities.  Jesus is also slightly obsessed with foreign Pop music.

Svetlana Fenichel, Richard Stockton College

Svetlana Fenichel who hails from Belarus, is currently a senior at Richard Stockton College with a major in Literature and a concentration in Literary Studies.  She is very interested in people and different cultures and her research focuses on the representation of national identity crises as the “aftertaste” of colonialism. Her short term goal is to complete her degree at Richard Stockton College and then pursue her love of languages at graduate school. In the future, she aims to work with the United Nations or other international non-governmental agencies.

Kimone Hyman, Richard Stockton College

Kimone Hyman or “Kim” is a senior at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey pursuing a B.A.. in Biology pre-professional health studies. Kim is also minoring in writing and literature. Kimone is one of several members of the ongoing Stockton Postcolonial Studies Project. Kimone was drawn into the project as a result of a developing interest and personal connections with postcolonial studies, feminism, and the digital humanities. Kim’s project, titled “A Dream Deferred,” analyzes concepts of citizenship and nation in Malaysia by creating a parallel between the marginalization of Chinese and Indian populations in Malaysia with the experience of African Americans in the United States. Kim hopes to attend graduate school to study herbal medicine, creative writing, and literature. Kim is very excited to participate in the 2012 Re:Humanities conference and is interested in hearing how digital media has influenced the work of other scholars and students.

Pollyanna Macchiano, San Jose State University

Pollyanna is a student at San Jose State University studying English and Art History. Soon to graduate, Pollyanna expects to enter into a career deeply involved in publishing or writing, with art galleries and museums also a tempting possibility. Pollyanna enjoys reading, writing, visual art, fashion, hummingbirds, and books. She loves a good used bookstore and can spend days in museums and libraries perfectly content. In her free time, she plays badminton and travels; Japan is her favorite visited country thus far. A student at heart, Pollyanna enjoys being in the classroom and being hands-on. She believes literature and visual art are two worlds frequently separated, when the study of both is much more rewarding and fruitful–not to mention fun!


Kevin McGillivray, St Norbert College

Kevin McGillivray is an undergraduate student at St. Norbert College studying graphic design and music. His current research interests include graphic design history, social media, and graphic design in contemporary entrepreneurship. More specifically, Kevin has a particular interest in the roots of graphic design found in the invention of writing and the development of alphabets. His own recent design work has involved projects in children’s illustration, web design, and visual identity development.


Austin Starin, Saint Joseph’s University

Austin Starin is a communications designer and senior at Saint Joseph’s University majoring in English with a minor in Communications. At Re:Humanities, he’ll speak about collaborative work and how digital stories change the way we think, learn and play.