Re:Hum ’12 Keynote Speakers


Alexandra Juhasz, Pitzer College

Dr. Alexandra Juhasz, Professor of Media Studies, Pitzer College, teaches media production, history and theory. She has has taught courses on YouTube, media archives, activist media, documentary, and feminist film. Dr. Juhasz has written multiple articles on feminist, fake, and AIDS documentary. Her current work is on and about YouTube, and other more radical uses of digital media.Dr. Juhasz’s innovative “video-book,” Learning from YouTube (2011), is recently published by the MIT Press. Her earlier digital effort is Media Praxis: A Radical Web-Site Integrating Theory, Practice and Politics. She blogs on this and other projects at Dr. Juhasz produced the feature films, The Owls, and The Watermelon Woman, as well as nearly fifteen educational documentaries on feminist issues like teenage sexuality, AIDS, and sex education.

Please join us for Dr. Juhasz’s talk on “Repurposing Social Media Spaces” on March 29th at 4:30pm in Kohlberg 116, Swarthmore College


Katherine D. Harris, San Jose State University

Katherine D. Harris is a Tenured Assistant Professor of English Literature at San Jose State University. She is the digital scholarly editor of Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann’s 19th-Century Literary Annual An Edition from The Poetess Archive. Dr. Harris teaches both graduate and undergraduate seminars in 19th century literature and Romanticism. She recently taught an undergraduate honors seminar on Digital Literature: The Death of Print Culture? and has been a leading voice in the the discussion of digital pedagogy and the undergraduate.

Please join us for Dr.  Harris’s talk on “Doing the Risky Thing: Playing Around in Digital Humanities” on March 30th at 1:15pm in Kohlberg 116, Swarthmore College