The Haverford College Problem Solving Group is open to everyone who enjoys the challenge and beauty of well crafted problems in mathematics, logic, physics, and computer science.

We currently meet every Monday night at 8:00 PM in the math lounge (KINSC H208)
Meetings often go until 11 or later; feel free to arrive or leave at any time.

We meet weekly in an informal, collegial, non-competitive setting to discuss, solve, generalize, and otherwise play with a wide range of problems. This activity is carried out primarily by students talking with and helping other students, with guidance from representatives of the math department as needed.

The problems are accessible to most undergraduates, even without advanced mathematical training, but don’t let that fool you: we have done some significant mathematics and frequently probe deeply into ideas that are only rarely or superficially explored in courses. Come to share and enjoy with us the experience of doing mathematics.

Please direct any inquiries to Gabriel Given or Andrew Glaser.

Bill Huber undertakes to find interesting problems, to write up meeting minutes and problem solutions, and to supply the refreshments; he is always grateful for any contribution or suggestion you might be inclined to pass along. We can forward messages to him.

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