Exhibit Dates: Friday, March 19 - Friday, April 30, 2010. Opening Reception: Friday, March 19, 2010, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

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Ok, it’s not a feature-length film, but at least I was able to grab your attention. Chelsea Miller ’11 BMC has lent her talents to Mapping Identity by creating a short but very informative 5-min video about our exhibition including some words by myself and Prof. Solomon. After the initial shock and embarrassment of watching myself on screen (I sound like that??), I was really impressed by Chelsea’s work. As corny as it sounds, she really brought the exhibition “to life” by adding footage from Opening Night and different shots of the gallery. You can find the video on the Mapping Identity website along with our Inquirer review and other photos of the gallery…

On another note, this is the LAST week of Mapping Identity so if you haven’t been to the gallery yet (well, where have you been, then???) or wanted to swing by one last time to bid goodbye to our ostrich-python friend, now is your chance!

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I have six (SIX) tours scheduled for the gallery this week! Only two are open to the public – all are invited, and really more the merrier – more questions, more comments, more ideas! Sounds like fun, non?

Open Tours:

Tuesday, April 13, 4pm – led by me!

Wednesday, April 14, 2pm – led by students of Prof. Solomon’s Art and Cultural Identity class

Come to one or come to both! You will indeed get two very different tours, which is always very interesting.

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These were my exact words when I found out that Mapping Identity was mentioned in the “Weekly Roundup” of  the ART:21 Blog!!!

I love the Art:21 series and cannot believe that our exhibition has been mentioned in the same post as the Gagosian.

Find us on the 5th point down —> blog.art21.org/2010/04/05/weekly-roundup-46/


ahhh, I’m going to go wear my sunglasses and feel fabulous for the next few days…

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Our review is in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Weekend Section!

Mapping Identity “may well be the most formidable, engaging group show on the theme anywhere to date.”

Thank you Philly Inquirer! You just made my Pinwheel Day!

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Another great turn out! Thanks to everyone who showed up for our conversation with Gonkar (and I believe even more of you showed up for the food) and of course to Gonkar Gyatso for visiting  campus! It’s not everyday you get to speak to someone from the Venice Biennale!

And of course – a two thumbs (way) up and thank-you to Mr. John Francone and the DC staff for all their hard work for our food festival. Everyone was really impressed by the food – loved the bubble tea!

Friday’s come and gone and I think it’s safe to say that it was a successful night! Thank you to EVERYONE who showed up for Prof. Appiah’s talk (We had a full house in Sharpless which was absolutely fantastic!) and later at the opening! Another big thanks to the Hurford Humanities Center staff and Matthew at CFG for working up to the very last minute, so that we could have the best exhibition and opening possible. Last but definitely not least, thank you to our special guests for the evening, Prof. Kwame Anthony Appiah, and artists Fariba Alam, Gonkar Gyatso and Daniel Kojo Schrade! thank you thank you thank you!

The opening’s ended but things have just started! Gonkar Gyatso arrives again on Tuesday, March 23 for an artist’s conversation followed by our exciting International Food Festival. So, bring your questions and appetite -should be a great time!

The exhibition is up and ready! Matthew is in the middle of finalizing the lighting – our three videos are programmed on loop, volumes are more or less set, and to my absolute delight and relief, the catalogues have arrived! They are everything I imagined them to be – big, bold and beautiful. Make sure to grab a copy!

Tomorrow (tomorrow!?) is opening night – Carol and I will begin the day’s events with a tour around the gallery with the CFG staff at noon and then later welcome Professor Appiah whose lecture will take place at Sharpless Auditorium at 4pm! This is a talk you do not want to miss! As James put it, this is a “HUGE-DEAL-I-REALLY-SHOULD-HAVE-GONE-TO-THAT-OR-I-WILL-HAVE-JUST-WASTED-MY-$200,000-EDUCATION” – so – no pressure, but you should all really come. really.

Ă  demain!

There is no doubt about it – – install week is busy and full of unexpected surprises (some good, some not so great) but even in just these past two days, it has been so rewarding to see the works arrive to the gallery and to have them all intact! This is definitely one of the best parts of curating an exhibition – to see all the works together for the first time feels like one big sigh of relief. They are finally here and I’m so pumped to finally have everyone see what all the fuss is about.

A special shout-out of thanks to the Wormwood & Haze crew who have transformed the gallery into a pristine white cube gallery space. Joy from W&H has even worked closely with Do-Ho Suh whose piece “Doormat:Welcome Back” is in our show and who I am writing about for my thesis!! Such close encounters!

Some interesting shots:

“They’re here!!”

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As said by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons in her talk at Boston University’s College of Fne Arts of Visual Arts.

Hear her talk about “corniness”, polaroids, and her cuban-nigerian roots here.

Daniel Kojo Schrade’s painting Afronauts 08C01 will be one of many works featured in Mapping Identity. In this video from a recent opening in 2009 at the Gallery Peter Herrmann in Berlin, Daniel gives a performance as a type of Afronaut himself – very much worth the watch and full of interesting allusions.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/z7SgNLMTOgM" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Schrade will be at CFG on our opening night – as a guest, not a performer, of course…