Meet the Farmers

Madison “Tilly” Tillman
Farm Fellow 2018-2020

As a student of Sociology and Education, I found the Haverfarm to be a wonderful marrying of my interests.  I believe very strongly in the intersections of ethical, sustainable agriculture and these disciplines, and am happy to continue to explore these passions as the Haverfarm Fellow. As the Fellow, I am responsible for maintaining the Production Plot, Greenhouse, and HCA Garden, as well as coordinating volunteer events, workshops, and other educational programs. Of course I could not do this without the incredible student farmers. One of my favorite aspects of the Haverfarm is its malleable nature that allows students to create a farm reflecting their current interests and passions. My goal is to support these endeavors and continue to develop the Haverfarm as a living laboratory.

Margaret Chen ’21

I am an Environmental Studies Major on the pre-med track, and have volunteered at the Haverfarm since my first year at Haverford. I was a 2018 student farmer and summer intern funded by the Arboretum and continued on as a student farmer in the fall of 2018.  I am interested in herbalism and foraging weeds for eating and decoration. My favorite part of farming is harvesting. It’s amazing to see the progress of plants from seed to sprout and it reminds me that hard work and dedication lead to success. I often lead plant walks for children from Serendipity Day Camp and co-teach the Fall and Spring P.E. programs.



Luigie Febres ’22

I am a prospective Environmental Studies Major and double minor in Education and Growth and Structure of Cities. I am a member of the ALAS Executive Board, First Year Dean’s Council, and BSL. I am a 2019 Haverfarm summer intern funded by the CPGC. In the first semester of my first year I was introduced to the farm. I was reminded of how central agriculture was in my family back in Puerto Rico. Growing up, my grandmother’s first choice was not western medicine instead she opted for homeopathic remedies. This summer I hope to learn about sustainable agriculture as well as further explore homeopathic remedies.  

Alicia Lopez-Torres ’20 

I am an International Studies major from the Mission and Bayview districts of San Francisco, California. I first volunteered with the Haverfarm my sophomore spring, and immediately got hooked. Throughout summer 2018, I worked at Alemany Farm, a local community garden in San Francisco that produces free and organic food for the community. During that time, I also took an introduction to horticulture course that continues to shape my interactions with both Alemany and the Haverfarm. This year, I am a paid student farmer funded by the Arboretum, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I hope to make the farm more accessible to students, plant more native plants, and be aware of our colonizing history/presence on this land.


Ellis Maxwell ‘20

I discovered my passion for gardening at Haverfarm and became a 2018 summer intern sponsored by the Arboretum. Throughout the summer I created various tea blends from the herbs growing in the HCA. This year, I co-teach one of the P.E. classes with Margaret, and I have used my position as a customs team member to introduce first-years to the farm. I major in English and minor in Political Science. I am a member of Rethink Incarceration, an on-campus group that advocates for the abolition of prisons, and works in solidarity with all incarcerated people. I also play vibraphone in the Bi-Co Jazz Band. This summer, I will continue to explore my interests at the Haverfarm as an Arboretum sponsored summer intern once again.


Leia Thompson ’20

I am a sociology major and health studies minor. I began working at Haverfarm as a stress relieving hobby, but soon became one of the student workers and eventually a 2018 summer intern sponsored by the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship. Fall 2018, I was a paid student farmer funded by the Environmental Studies Department. I am an advocate for redistributing agricultural power into the hands of black and brown people and increasing food autonomy and access in underprivileged communities. I love working outdoors and learning about the connections between the land, plants, and people.

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