What They Learned

A series exploring the thesis work of recent graduates.


Where They're Headed

A blog series detailing the post-Haverford plans of our recent graduates.

The Club Life @ Haverford

The Club Life @ Haverford

A series exploring the many varied student clubs on campus.


Cool Classes

A series highlighting interesting, unusual, and unique courses that enrich the Haverford College experience.


Zapotec on the Big Screen

Collaborators on “Dizhsa Nabani,” the result of last summer’s first DocuLab outing, presented their documentary on Zapotec language and culture preservation in Oaxaca, Mexico.

COOL CLASSES: “Waves and Optics”

This physics course is about everything that oscillates—vibrations and waves in mechanical, electronic, and optical systems—and introduces related mathematical methods, such as functions of a complex variable and Fourier analysis.

“Legacy of Lynching” Opens at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

A new exhibit, coordinated in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative and the Brooklyn Museum with support from Google, presents EJI’s groundbreaking research into the history of lynchings and connects it to digital media, documentary film, contemporary artworks, and archival materials.

COOL CLASSES: “Medical Anthropology”

This introductory anthropology course explores medical systems, health, and healing in a cross-cultural perspective using ethnographic studies and cross-comparative analyses.

Gest Lounge Reopens as Student-Centered Space

Following a renovation and revitalization of the artwork of Margaret Ralston Gest to the space, the second-floor lounge of the Gest Center strives to emulate the vision of its namesake in facilitating dialogue and connection between students.

Trump, Tariffs, and Trade at 2018 Economics Alumni Forum

This year’s edition of the annual event featured insights into the American economy in the current political climate from former Deputy Secretary of Commerce Bruce Andrews ’90 and Harvard Professor Marc Melitz ’89 alongside moderator Jennifer Kowalski ’17.

Coming to Terms on a Canvas

Ainsley Bruton ’21 explores identity and transformation through a portraiture series that features several of her Haverford classmates.

COOL CLASSES:”The State System”

This political science course introduces analytical perspectives on international relations and explores the evolving structure of the state-based order—which originated with the peace of Westphalia in the 17th century—over the last four centuries.

Friends and Family Fall for the Ford

This past weekend, the College welcomed hundreds of visitors to campus for Family and Friends Weekend’s celebration of fall, fun, and festivities.

Getting Out the Vote

The midterms have the whole country abuzz, and Haverford is no exception. What are student groups and clubs doing to support political campaigns and voting efforts this election season?

COOL CLASSES: “Art Against Fascism”

This English course explores the work of British writers in the 1930s who tried to fight rising militarism, totalitarian states, and imperial autocracy with prose and poetry.