CLUB LIFE: Lame Ducks Are Anything But

CLUB LIFE: Lame Ducks Are Anything But

WHAT: Haverford’s pickup ice hockey team, Lame Ducks, knows that the key to de-stressing after a long week is to grab a hockey stick and join some friends out on the ice. Team captains Turner Johnson ’22 and Freddie Gould ’22 both joined the team last semester, and fell in love with the welcoming and supportive environment. “When I came to college, I was really excited to get involved in a community where ice hockey was an actual interest,” said Johnson. “I’m from L.A. and I only know a few hockey fans from back home. Lame Ducks turned out to be everything I hoped it would be. Our leader from last year, Noah Tsao, was a particularly big part of that. He was always extremely friendly and open to anyone who wanted to play hockey, and I hope Lame Ducks will carry on the same legacy under our leadership.”

WHO: Johnson, Gould, and treasurer Jackson Bayer ’22 welcome everyone to the rink. 

Anyone and everyone should join! We cater to all different ability levels, whether you’ve never skated before or you’ve played hockey your whole life,” said Gould. “Playing hockey and skating are hard things to do, but we provide all the means to learn and have fun with people of similar skill levels.”

WHEN:We meet eight times per semester on Sundays, generally from leaving from the South Lot at 10:00 p.m. and returning a couple hours later,” said Gould. “We wish people knew that the club is open to all skill levels and that we stop at Wawa!” Adds Johnson, “We take a 15 minute drive to the Havertown Skatium, and many people choose to drive on their own and meet us there. Anyone who wants to try hockey or get back into hockey should come out. It’s a very low-pressure environment and particularly fun with a group of friends.”

DID YOU KNOW?: The Ducks are one of Haverford’s oldest clubs, and have been around since the 1980s! Several generations of alumni able to recall their days on the ice.

GET INVOLVED: Any interested students can assemble Sundays at 10 p.m. in the South Lot for a ride to the rink. “I think we’ve curated a pretty good playlist for the drive over,” said Johnson. “One of the big things we love about Lame Ducks is just the opportunity to play hockey and enjoy the community. Skating is an exhilarating activity whether it’s your first or thousandth time on the ice, and doing it with your friends make it a lot of fun. A nice trip to Wawa late on a Sunday night also makes everything better.”

Photos by Alexandra Iglesia ’21. 


  1. Hi Allison, loved the article – thanks for the photos. I fondly remember very early morning ice hockey the winter of ’82-’83 (12 – 2 am Sunday night). Camaraderie was unparalleled and reminded us all that good manners can be had on the ice with no-check hockey.

  2. Great piece, thanks! I played with the Lame Ducks back in the day and can confirm they were a going concern in the mid 1970s.
    Keith Neuman ‘76

  3. The Lame Ducks go back at least as far as the late ’60’s and early 70’s. We also had Sunday midnight practices, but at the Class of ’23 rink at Penn. We had A,B, and C teams depending on skating ability and previous hockey experience. We competed against the Swarthmore Motherpuckers at all three levels. As Haverford was not yet co-ed we had women from Bryn Mawr on the team as well. We were featured in an article in the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, which send in when I uncover it in my file cabinet. I was the non-skating coach, enlisted by my suitemates to coordinate line changes.

    Carl Tannenbaum ’71

  4. When I arrived at Haverford in 1978, we had enough talent to compete in a local men’s league. The team was led by Jon Pitts ’79, and also included: Andy Pitts ’79, Dave Sears ’79, Alan Weiss ’80, Jim Toth ’81, Chris Silliman ’81, Rick White ’81, Art Torsieglieri ’81, and Jim Goldston ’82. We actually won the championship that year. The following year we joined a much more competitive league in Paoli, and had a losing record. We did, however score a moral victory by defeating the team that would ultimately win the championship. By 1981-82, graduation had claimed too many of our best players, and we could no longer compete in off-campus leagues. But we did continue the Sunday night (midnight to 2am!) Lame Ducks club hockey. I really enjoyed running those practices/scrimmages because everyone had such a blast, particularly the C-line players, who could barely skate, much less stickhandle or shoot. Good times. A few years later (in 1989 and 1993 I think) we organized Lame Duck reunions at Haverford of the 1978-79 team, where we played the Lame Duck teams of those years. Shortly thereafter, I believe the Lame Ducks may have gone briefly dormant. But now that they’re active again, perhaps it’s time for another reunion . . .

  5. One of my best college memories! Every Sunday night, I think our ice time was 11:30pm. I remember maybe starting at a rink in Villanova but then moving to Skatium? 77-81. So can women at BMC no longer participate, even though I don’t think they have a separate club?

  6. Some of my best memories of Haverford involve the Lame Ducks and Radnor Rink. Late games on Sunday night often ended with carbo loading at Minella’s Main Line Diner (nicknamed Sal’s) or quasi emergent Chinese food runs to Ho Sai Gai. Charlie was right. We won the Main Line league in 1980 and the Victory celebration included shaving with ice cream. Great group.

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