Cookie Decorating With New Friends?

Cookie Decorating With New Friends?

Each Fall, Fords Against Boredom (FAB) hosts “Screw Date,” an event in which game first-years (and some upperclassmen) are anonymously matched up with people outside of their Customs Group in a take on the widespread “screw your roommate” blind-date events held elsewhere.

While many set-up couples elect to go to dinner in nearby Ardmore, often with groups of friends, FAB also hosts a cookie decorating event in the Coop as a free, low-stress, on-campus alternative for the new pairs. After all, making a mess with delicious desserts is an easy way to quickly get acquainted with someone completely new. See a video by Lily Xu ’19 about the event below the gallery:


Photos by Lily Xu ’19 and Cole Sansom ’19


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