Where They’re Headed: Aaron Levine and Janela Harris ’14

Where They’re Headed: Aaron Levine and Janela Harris ’14

Having come to the end of their undergraduate careers, recent Haverford grads Janella Harris and Aaron Levine have decided to help high schoolers embark on their own. As admission counselors at Haverford, they will be taking part in every step of the admissions process, as well as managing student volunteers in the office.

Harris, an anthropology major, developed her interest in college administration while serving on Honor Council and working in the Office of Admission as a senior interviewer. Levine, a biology major, worked as a tour guide for the office beginning in his sophomore year.

Both agree that Haverford was a strong match for them, and they are excited to facilitate similar matches. However, they emphasize that their roles as counselors are less about recruiting students to Haverford and more about helping all prospective students better understand what they want from college.

If applying to college is a formidable learning process, so is entering the world of admissions. The office has warned Harris and Levine that their first year will be a series of hurdles that will keep them from becoming comfortable in any one task. Just as they settle into traveling, they begin reading applications. Once they get into a rhythm of reading applications, they go into committee. Harris and Levine both have a sense of humor about these challenges, though, and look forward to tackling them. “I don’t plan to quit or be fired,” says Harris.

—Sam Fox ’14

Photo by Thom Carroll

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