April Fool’s Day 2014 in the KINSC

April Fool’s Day 2014 in the KINSC


As is tradition, students covered the KINSC with homemade decorations in celebration of April Fool’s Day yesterday. Each department picked a theme and festooned their segment of the science building with on-theme flourishes, streamers, and trimmings.

Biology students went a Pixar theme, planting the balloon-bedecked house from Up! in the middle of Zubrow Commons and creating a Nemo-like under-the-sea-scape, replete with jellyfish, across the overpass. Those in the chemistry and psychology departments went with a Willy Wonka theme, building a miniature Wonkatania boat in the middle of the east hallway and creating a cascading “chocolate” waterfall and glass elevator in the rotunda. Our intrepid computer scientists showed their Dr. Who fandom with a handmade tardis and dalek on the first floor of Hilles. And campus’ budding physicists celebrated Blue’s Clues with blue paw-prints and a big, red “thinking chair” in their part of the building.

A gallery of just some of their creative work is below.

Carroll-0818 Carroll-0875 Carroll-0878 Carroll-0880 Carroll-0885 Carroll-0917 Carroll-0929 Carroll-0931 Carroll-0941 Carroll-0949 Carroll-0994 Carroll-1002

Photos by Thom Carroll.



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