What They Learned

A series exploring the thesis work of recent graduates.


Where They're Headed

A blog series detailing the post-Haverford plans of our recent graduates.

The Club Life @ Haverford

The Club Life @ Haverford

A series exploring the many varied student clubs on campus.


Cool Classes

A series highlighting interesting, unusual, and unique courses that enrich the Haverford College experience.


COOL CLASSES: “Refugees and Forced Migrants”

This political science course integrates diverse disciplinary approaches—legal, political, sociological and anthropological—to explore the causes of migration, the dynamics of assimilation and incorporation of migrants in the U.S., and the process and impacts of deportation and (re)incorporation in Mexico and Central America.

Renowned Poet Holds Reading On Campus

Earlier this month, poet Eileen Myles and Haverford’s Visiting Professor of English Thomas Devaney read their poems in Lutnick Library at a joint event.

COOL CLASSES: “Travel Narratives in Latin America”

This Spanish course examines the ideas and impact of European travel writers in Latin America and the Caribbean and includes discussion of the imprint they left on the literature of Latin America from the 17th century to the present.

COOL CLASSES: “Measuring Education”

This sociology course explores contemporary political movements to measure learning outcomes in educational institutions and covers such topics as standardized testing for college admissions and development of online learning tools, among others.

COOL CLASSES: “Relief Printmaking”

This fine arts course covers techniques and approaches to the art of the woodcut and the linocut, emphasizing the study of design principles and the expressive potential of the medium to create a personal visual statement.