What They Learned

A series exploring the thesis work of recent graduates.


Where They're Headed

A blog series detailing the post-Haverford plans of our recent graduates.

The Club Life @ Haverford

The Club Life @ Haverford

A series exploring the many varied student clubs on campus.


Cool Classes

A series highlighting interesting, unusual, and unique courses that enrich the Haverford College experience.


COOL CLASSES: “Mind and World”

This philosophy course is an introduction to the history of our conception of ourselves as rational beings in the world through a close reading of Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant.

COOL CLASSES: “Economic Botany”

This environmental studies course explores the fundamentals of plant biology, physiology, development, and evolution through the lens of agriculturally important plants: everything humans eat, grow, wear, and use.

Five Student-Created Art Projects Debut in VCAM

Unveiled at the Hurford Center and VCAM Fall Open House, the projects are meditations on everything from the bias embedded in technological programming to the digital nature of long-distance relationships.

What They Learned: Lena Yeakey ’19

The comparative literature major used her thesis to study the relationship between memory and language in the wake of civil wars, calling upon her study abroad experience in Lima, Peru, to augment her analysis of post-conflict culture in Peru and Sri Lanka.

What They Learned: Talia Scott ’19

The political science major studied the prosecutorial reform movement as a way of exploring the various reasons why politicians and political candidates take up reform-minded stances that deviate from their party’s standard stances.

What They Learned: Sophie Hess ’19

The political science major studied the ways in which educational policies that group students by performance can lead to a type of intra-district segregation along racial and socioeconomic lines.