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Hi Friends! 

You may have already heard from your Customs teams introducing themselves and what they do, but I also want to give a few more details about what Customs is and what y’all are going to be up to for the first few days of your college experience!

What is Customs? 
Customs is our year-long orientation program that starts during Customs week when you all move in! It involves typical college things like icebreakers and safety lectures, but it also involves activities and sessions where you can learn more about the culture of Haverford and how we all choose to treat each other while here. 

Who is involved in Customs? 
You will have six students, usually a mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors on your Customs team. You’ll have one UCA (upperclassmen advisor) who will be either a junior or senior, two CPs (Customs People) who are sophomores or juniors, an HCO (Honor Code Orienteer), AMA (Ambassador of Multicultural Awareness), and PAF (Peer Awareness Facilitator) who can be any year above you.  And then there’s you! The reason we have Customs and the most integral part of the program! Your whole hall (or building in the case of HCA) will be in your Customs group as well, and we hope that you can all learn from each other and support each other as much as the team will! 

Me and my CP partner, Christian

What happens during Customs week? 
On top of a lot of more serious orientation stuff, there’s a lot of time for fun! There’s a lot of hall bonding time, a party for all the first years and people involved in Customs, a hypnotist show, and Dorm Olympics on Founders Green!

Do you have any recommendations for how to thrive during Customs?
Yes! I’ve done Customs as a First-Year, CP, and this coming year I’ll be on Customs Committee, the group of people who chose and trained all of your team members, so you might call me a veteran of Customs.  Here are my tips and tricks:

  1. Take time for yourself if you need it.  Customs can be really overwhelming and you might feel like you have to socialize every single minute, but you don’t! Just let your team members know if you need some time alone and they’ll let you know when you can take that time for yourself.  
  2. Explore campus with your hallmates! Not only is it good bonding time, but you’ll also get a sense of where everything is on campus! 
  3. Be open to new experiences! College is new for everyone and you’re all going to be a bit unsure of what to do and therefore probably a bit uncomfortable.  I strongly encourage you to lean into the discomfort and try something a bit out of your comfort zone. Customs is the perfect time because you’ll have a complete support system around you as well! 
  4. Just go for it! Don’t worry about looking crazy while dancing, or showing off a talent at Dorm Olympics, or even saying hi to new people on campus! 
  5. Don’t forget to eat and DRINK WATER.  It can be really hot out during the week and most of the dorms aren’t air conditioned, so stay hydrated and keep a snack on you! 

APPLE FORK! (click for a gif) 

The most important part of Customs is to have fun and learn! Feel free to ask questions about things you don’t know! This is your time to learn about Haverford! 


Student Sunday #7– Gabe Pascal

Gabe Pascal

Class of 2021
Psych Major, French Minor
From Forty Fort, PA 

What do you do on campus?
I was BSL cohead last year and I play on the rugby team.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why? 
My favorite spot on campus is the Music Library because it is hidden, peaceful, a great place to hang out, and I work there. There are never too many people there and it’s conveniently sectioned into different rooms so have a bit of freedom to modify your atmosphere in order to make the space what you want.

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
My most memorable experience at Haverford has probably been May Day 2019. Bryn Mawr has a lot to offer academically as well as socially and it is a very special experience to be able to participate in events such as May Day while surrounded by so many excellent people.


What is a Pre-Major Advisor?

Hi Friends! 

There’s a survey you all should fill out on Dean Glanzer’s Checklist, that’s due on July 22nd! It’s to help Dean Glanzer match you with a pre-major advisor! 

And your next question: What IS a pre-major advisor?

Because we’re a liberal arts college, you don’t have to have a major declared coming in, and although some of you might be very set on one specific track, most of you probably don’t know what you want to do with your life and that’s TOTALLY okay! Think you’re 100% certain of what you want to do? Maybe you’ll change your mind while taking classes outside of that discipline!  

And that’s precisely where a pre-major advisor comes in! 

Your pre-major advisor won’t necessarily be someone from a discipline you’re going to major or minor in, but they’re a great resource for helping you choose classes and keep track of graduation requirements! They’ll also be a good person if you ever have trouble in a course or just need a pointer in the right direction.  

They’re also one of the first professors you’ll meet on campus! They’ll try and set up a meeting with all their advisees within the first week of classes and then an individual one, usually once or twice per semester.  It just helps add an extra friendly face to the sea of newness that can be the first year experience.  

In my personal experience, my pre-major advisor was AMAZING! He was incredibly helpful when I was struggling through the pre-med track, and was actually a huge factor in helping me switch from a Biology major to an English major.  I even remember our first meeting when he taught us (his advisees) the best way to address professors at a school where some go by first names and some go by Professor [insert last name here]: start with Professor [insert last name here] and then see how they sign off their emails, but always start off emails with a greeting! 

Your pre-major advisor will also help you choose classes, which happens during Custom’s week, so DON’T worry about that just yet, but if you REALLY want to see what classes might be offered, check out the course search page for this coming year!

Make sure to fill out your pre-major advisor survey and keep up with Dean Glanzer’s Checklist!

And, as always, if you have questions please feel free to shoot us an email at!  


Student Sunday #6 –Taylor Seid

Taylor Seid
Class of 2022 
Biology and Economics Major 
From San Marino, CA 

What do you do on campus?
On campus, I played varsity volleyball my first year. I’m currently working in the bookstore, Admission Office as an Admission Fellow (tours, etc.), on the ResLife committee as a Residential Student Liaison for Tritton/Kim for 2019-2020 school year, and on the Joe Schwartz 3K committee for Race Day Registration/Prizes!

What is your favorite spot on campus and why? 
My favorite spot on campus is the Campus Center. I lived in Tritton my first year, so it was easy for me to just walk across the street to go to The Coop, study with friends in the chairs by the window, and to work in the bookstore (and now the Admission Office!). 

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
My most memorable experience at Haverford so far was Customs week. I had already been on campus because of volleyball preseason, and so I knew my teammates but during that week I also got to know the other 15 or so people in my Customs group, as well as others in my incoming class. It was really fun to get to know everyone before classes began. We had dorm olympics, a mixer, and meals as a hall (just to name a few things!). I think it was a great opportunity to bond with my hall, and I made some really good friends from it ! The Customs program continues throughout the year, as there are CP’s and a possible UCA living on the hall. It’s a great way for first years to get to know the people living in their hall, their incoming class, and upperclassmen. 


Student Sunday #5– Ben Klamka

Ben Klamka
(He/him or They/Them)
Class of 2022
Prospective Music/Linguistics double major
From Albany, NY

What do you do on campus?
On campus, I’m involved in a lot of music ensembles: I sing, arrange, and starting this year might do some beatboxing (???) in the ‘Ford S-Chords, a TTBB a cappella group on campus which is known for performing barefoot and wearing white overalls. I also play piano in the Bi-Co Jazz Band, and sing in the Bi-Co Chamber Singers. This coming year, I’ll also be a customs person, so I’ll be living with fourteen first years in Gummere, half a flight of stairs away from where I lived on my first year hall last year!

What is your favorite spot on campus and why? 
I’m a big fan of the tables outside the DC; when it’s nice out, it’s great to eat a meal with your friends and catch up with other friends as they walk by. I also really like the Crypt–it’s definitely the coolest place to do musical things on campus. Additionally, Gummere gets an honorable mention–it’s so easy to roam around and find friends both on and off your hall who are willing to hang out.

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
Definitely finding people who share my passions, through clubs and classes and mutual friends and chance meals at the DC and all the other ways you meet people at Haverford, has been something that has defined my experience so far.


Student Sunday #4- Cat Kim

Cat Kim
Class of 2021
Biology Major and Fine Arts Minor
From Great Neck, NY

What do you do on campus?
During the school year, I am a Peer Awareness Facilitator (PAF) in the Customs Program, work for the Office of Service and Community Collaboration, and am a co-head for Graphic Novel Reading Group. I also do graphic design and logo work for various groups on campus. This summer, I’m working in the Microbial Evolution and Ecology Lab doing research on Streptococcus pneumoniae.

What is your favorite spot on campus and why? 
My favorite spot on campus is the woodsy path between the apartments and campus because it’s so beautiful and it’s where I run into most of my friends.

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
My most memorable experience at Haverford was designing the merch and flyers for Haverfest in my first year because it was really cool to contribute to such a huge event in the Haverford community that unites everyone in celebrating the last day of classes and the end of a busy semester. And it’s super cool to still see some people wearing the shirts I designed!


Student Sunday #3– Ryan Totaro

Ryan Totaro


Class of 2022
Prospective Psychology Major,  Minors in Film, English, and (potentially) Neuroscience
From Trenton, NJ

What do you do on campus?
This past year, I acted and wrote for the sketch comedy group Off the Spot; I was employed as a Phonathon worker; and I worked for the Arboretum as well! Next year, I’ll serve as a CP. I’m an avid runner, and you’ll probably catch me on the Nature Trail sometime soon!

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?
The VCAM lounge is one of my favorites! Aesthetically, it’s so impressive,  and it’s so cool to see how the building was repurposed from a Gym into an arts center. I loved watching student performances there this year – especially the Black Student League’s Spring Fashion Show – and I was proud to debut a short film there as well!

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
My history course with Professor Sharon Ullman, “Movies and America,” was absolutely stunning. It nurtured an intellectual interest / love of American history in me and profoundly nuanced my understanding of film. I formed an incredible relationship with the professor, and her readings inspired an original play which I am currently staging and producing.


Packing List and Decorations!!!

How the heck do I pack for college?

You need less than you think, so this list is divided into ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS FOR EVERYONE and some things you might want, but don’t need.  Don’t worry about getting everything on this list and I (Hanna) would suggest waiting to buy some things until you’re sure who’s in the same suite as you so you don’t have four sets of everything.  

Check out our suggested packing list!
(This list is adapted from a list by Anna Neuheardt and Ken Ruto, the interns from two years ago and the UPenn packing list.) 

Below is just a little more information about the amenities in each dorm and some FAQs that can help guide your packing process!

General things to know about each dorm:

There are five freshman halls in Barclay (pronounced bark-lee). Each floor has a microwave and sink along with vending machines on the first floor.  There are carpets and a lot of closet space, but drawer space varies a bit. There are a mix of singles and doubles and (depending on how the hall feels about it) there can be gender neutral bathrooms. There are common rooms for each suite.  

There are nine halls in Gummere (pronounced gum-mur-ree) and each hall has a microwave.  Similarly to Barclay, there can be gender neutral bathrooms and all the rooms are singles.  There are carpets and you cannot have air conditioning in the building. There are closets and dressers built into each room, but there is more closet space.

Each of the five First-Year apartments has a full kitchen on the first floor, with a full sized refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwaves on the first floor.  The second floor apartments, although they have a stove, oven, and refrigerator, do not have a microwave. There are no cooking supplies in the apartments, so if you want to cook then you should bring some supplies (keep in mind all First Years are required to be on the full meal plan). The rooms are majority doubles and there are 2-3 common rooms on each floor.  There is a lot of both drawer and closet space, along with a lot of storage space.

Tritton has two large common rooms on each floor with a small kitchenette. There are no carpets, air conditioning, and the dorm only has singles.  There are four First Year halls in Tritton and each floor has a study room.


What can I use to decorate my room?
The school only allows for painter’s tape, picture hanging strips (3M command strips), and post-it notes directly on walls.  However there are plenty of ways to stay within these rules and still make your dorm look amazing.

Is there anything now on the list you would recommend bringing?
I LOVE my string lights and they’re really useful especially when you have a roommate because they allow you to have some light and work or watch something on your laptop, but also aren’t super intrusive to someone else’s sleep.

What do you mean by “nice-ish” clothes on the packing list?
We have formal dances and events on campus about once or twice per semester, so it’s nice to have a nice-ish dress or khakis or something that fits this theme.  There’s no need to bring a ball gown or prom attire, just something you feel good in! You also might have to go to interviews or  dinners that are a little more formal, so take this into account when packing!

Am I allowed to bring a mini-fridge?
Yes, but it must be no larger than 4 cubic feet! But you probably don’t need one, considering you’re on a full meal plan.  Consider getting clips for your bags of snacks instead!

Do I need a bike or other mode of transportation on campus?
No. The longest walk is maybe 12 minutes and campus is really beautiful. If you REALLY feel like you need a bike after a few weeks on campus, there’s a used bike sale in front of the DC twice each year.

Can I bring a pet?
Eh… You can technically have pet that doesn’t have fur, like a small fish, bird, or reptile, HOWEVER, everyone you’re living with MUST also be comfortable with the animal and you need to be able to take care of it. (Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it.)

Is there anything I’m not allowed to bring?
First Years are not allowed to have cars on campus.  Additionally, the school doesn’t allow for burning of candles, or use of hot plates, halogen lamps, or exposed light bulbs in dorms, as they can pose a fire risk.  

When will I get my housing assignment? 
Probably around late July or early August, but be patient because Jonah and I are putting a lot of hard work into trying to give you all good halls.

Where can I buy stuff for my dorm close to campus?
There’s a Bed Bath and Beyond a 10 minute drive from campus.  There’s also an Ikea in Conshohocken and Targets in Wayne and King of Prussia.  You can also order things from Amazon and other online stores to your school shipping address ([Your Name], 370 Lancaster ave, Haverford, PA 19041) up to a week before you move in.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us at



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Student Sunday #2- Kenyatta Golson

Kenyatta Golson

Class of 2020
Political Science Major
Africana Studies Concentration
From Philadelphia, PA

What do you do on campus?

Rugby Team Co-Captain, BSL Member, Upperclassman Advisor 

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?

There is a bench positioned behind Swan Field that has a beautiful sunset daily. It overlooks a gorgeous part of the arboretum and many dogs cross through the area looking for belly rubs and scratches! A great place to unwind.

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?

The 2018 BSL Fashion Show was memorable because of the sheer number of people who came out to that in support of the people who participated in the show. It was a place filled with love, excitement and awe for the work that members of the student body were able to put together. There was a real sense of belonging and community in that experience that I won’t forget. Here is a link to an article about the show!


Student Sunday #1– Leslie Luqueño

Leslie Luqueño(she/her/hers)
Class of 2020
Anthropology major, Educational Studies minor
Bell Gardens, CA 🌞
What do you do on campus?
On campus, I am a Mellon Mays Undergraduate fellow, a host and senior interviewer at the admissions office, an Access & Diversity intern co-head for Haverford’s fly-in programs, a student worker at the Science Library, a Customs team member, a member of the Alliance of Latin American Students, and a Chesick Scholar 🙂

What is your favorite spot on campus and why?
My favorite spot on campus is the OAR (Office of Academic Resources). I like studying there and most of my friends drop by in-between classes so it’s always a dynamic place.

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
My most memorable experience has been pinwheel day! I love pinwheel day because when I was a prospective student, I came on pinwheel day so it is very nostalgic for me. It is also nice to be in the sun with friends in front of Founder’s Green and enjoy the nice day.