Guest Post: Voter Registration on Campus

As college students, those Haverford students who are eligible to vote in the United States may choose whether they would like to register and vote at their educational institution, or at their permanent home address. Students who register at their permanent home address may either travel home to vote, or complete an absentee ballot per their state’s procedures. Choosing between the two registration locations is entirely the decision of each student, and the College only seeks to provide all pertinent information about the options.

Students who have not yet registered, wish to register in Pennsylvania, and are eligible, should complete the online registration form.

Students in Barclay, Gummere, Tritton, or other Residence Halls: The address at which you should register (section 5) is:

  • Street Address: Haverford College
  • Street Address 2: 370 Lancaster Avenue
  • Unit Number: your residence hall name (e.g. Tritton). Do not include your room number.
  • City: Haverford
  • Zip Code: 19041
  • County: DELAWARE
  • Municipality: HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP

Students in HCA: The address at which you should register (section 5) is:

  • Street Address: (Your Building Number) Hannum Drive (e.g. 42 Hannum Drive)
  • No need to include your Apartment Number.
  • City: Ardmore
  • Zip Code: 19003
  • County: DELAWARE
  • Municipality: HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP
  • You’ll need to also fill out Section 6 (The address where you receive mail) with the standard 370 Lancaster Avenue, Haverford PA, 19041 address, so that you can receive your voter registration card in the mail.

If you choose to vote locally, the polling place is on campus (in the Facilities Management Office) and is conveniently accessed on Election Day.

Students who have previously registered in Pennsylvania, and seek to confirm their status, should use the PA Department of State portal.

For any questions about voter registration, visit, or contact Franklyn Cantor at