From PHL to Haverford College

Hey ‘Fords! Hope your summers are going well!

Some of you (like me) will be traveling great distances to be here (exciting!) and will have to navigate your way from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) to Haverford College. It can be a little daunting if you haven’t made the trip before, so we’ve listed a few options available that will get you to campus.

Public Transportation – Cost: ~$10

Philadelphia’s public transportation, Southeastern Public Transportation Authority (or SEPTA) can be a bit confusing at times, but it’s a great affordable route! You’ll take two SEPTA trains: the Airport High Speed Line and the Paoli/Thorndale Line, and travel time in total is about an hour, plus layover times while transferring.

From PHL:

The Airport High Speed Line (labelled on signs as the Center City Train) has four stops in PHL at terminals A, B, C/D, and E. From any of these stops, take the R-1 Train (a.k.a. the Airport Line) to 30th Street Station. Inform the conductor that your final destination is Haverford, Pennsylvania and that you will need a transfer ticket. Keep the ticket receipt with you; you’ll need it to board the next train. Approximate traveling time is around 30 minutes.

From 30th Street Station:

Once you arrive at 30th Street Station, follow signs directing you to the Regional Rail and locate the Paoli/Thorndale Line (the train itself will be labeled Malvern). Keep your transfer ticket out, and ride the train to Haverford Station.

From Haverford Station:

Walk about 10 minutes to Haverford’s campus! You can choose to take a left on Lancaster and walk through the main entrance of College Lane. Or, alternatively, you can walk through Haverford’s back entrance using the following route:

Rideshare – Cost: $32 – $54

If you have a credit card set up, you can order a ride using a rideshare app, such as Lyft. Rideshares are fairly convenient; the trip is about 30 minutes with no stops. However, at times of high demand rates may drastically change, making the total fair very uncertain.

After exiting your terminal, follow signs towards Ground Transportation. It will be in the same direction as Baggage Claims, if you checked a bag before your flight. Once at Ground Transportation, follow signs to a designated Ride App Pickup location and wait for your ride!

Taxi – Cost: $55 – $70

If you don’t have a credit card, taxi cabs are an alternative option for getting a ride. As with rideshares, prices can vary, but instead with the added traffic surcharge. The trip is about 30 minutes.

As with Rideshares, follow signs towards Ground Transportation/Baggage Claims. Opposite of Ride App Pickup locations in Baggage Claims are Taxi Pickup locations. There are typically a line of taxis waiting for passengers.

These three routes should get you to Haverford’s campus just fine and in a short amount of time! Feel free to contact us at with any questions!