Alright, ‘Fords… it’s time for us to say goodbye (for now!)

Our time being Dean’s Office Summer Interns has come to a close! Kim, Hanna, and I will no longer be in the office or managing social media, but you can still expect weekly blog posts and can contact with any questions you might have. Keep an eye out in particular for posts about the Customs pre-orientation program and directions to campus from the airport!

It’s been a pleasure working on this blog, getting to engage with you this summer, and assigning your housing; we hope you’ll find a supportive community in your hall and Customs teams. May your first year here at Haverford be engaging, expansive, and fun! As President Raymond said, take risks! There’s a lot to learn about the world and yourself. Along the same line of thought, don’t take this first year TOO seriously. This is a big transitional period; by the end of your first year you’ll have learned some things, had some fun, and made new friends. And it’s okay if that takes time… it’s all a process!

Take a deep breath, and don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your summers! We can’t wait to meet all of you during Customs and beyond!