International Student Support Office (ISSO): Clubs and Organizations

At Haverford, there are many clubs, organizations and affinity groups that you can join! Here are some of the diverse groups that you might be interested in:

Haverford Asian Student Association.

The mission of the Haverford Asian Student Association is to support students on campus who want to learn about and connect with Pan-Asian identities. We engage the Bi-College Consortium through various events to raise awareness of both important issues and cultural traditions in different Asian communities, on and off campus. In the past, we have hosted Lunar New Year banquets, planned movie nights, organized fun dinners at local Asian restaurants, and above all, have sought to foster friendship and bonds between members. On campus, we strive to create a welcoming space for the Pan-Asian community and those who are interested in its cultural activities. Through our group, we hope to create a tight-knit group of friends by embracing the differences and commonalities in the Asian identity.

Japanese Culture Club.

The Japanese Culture Club is a place that celebrates Japanese culture and connects Japanese students with each other and with others who have a significant interest in Japanese culture. We host events like movie nights with Japanese snacks and cook Japanese Curry with the members of the club. Students can connect with the club by emailing either Kaito at or Noelle at

International Student Association.

Our goal is to provide a social and academic support network for the International Student community. We do this by organizing social, cultural and career events, in cooperation with the Director of ISSO, the OMA and some affinity groups on campus. At these events, international students can bond, express themselves and learn about other cultures (particularly but not exclusively the American culture). Our goal is to embrace all the different backgrounds of Haverford students. Our frequent events give International Students a space where they can feel more at home in a foreign environment.
With its rich and diverse human resources, ISA will play a significant role in improving the global citizenship on campus and diversifying the campus life. ISA’s philosophy is to promote awareness and understanding of the international culture through cultural immersion. We aim to achieve this by hosting activities that will involve food, performances, discussions, trips and workshops.