Work Studies

During your time at Haverford, you may find yourself working a job on campus! It’s a great way to get some meaningful work experience, build career skills, and an income to support educational expenses. Haverford College makes finding employment opportunities super easy through its Student Employment Program.

Mission Statement: The mission of the student employment program is to provide students with meaningful work experiences that build practical skills particular to a certain function and general skills such as: punctuality, discipline, honesty, thoroughness, teamwork, and problem solving. Building these employment skills works in partnership with the academic program which forwards students’ intellectual development in the liberal arts.

The Student Employment Program offers a wide range of work areas, including campus libraries, the dining center, the admissions office, facilities, dean’s office and administrative services, peer tutoring, etc. My first year, I worked in Audio Visual setting up presentations for classes, conferences, the VCAM theater, and guest speakers. Not only was it good work experience, but it also got me out to some really interesting guest speaker talks that I otherwise would never have gone to!

The college makes it super easy to find employment opportunities throughout the Haverford campus community via the Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA) and the Part-Time Job Board, which also features employment opportunities from the surrounding area.

If you anticipate working a job during your time at Haverford, it might be useful to get your documentation together beforehand. Those who have not worked for the college must provide original I-9 documentation and, unfortunately, copies and faxes aren’t accepted, so gathering these items before you arrive can be super helpful! You can find a list of acceptable I-9 documentation here:

As always, let us know if you have further questions at