What is a Pre-Major Advisor?

Hi Friends! 

There’s a survey you all should fill out on Dean Glanzer’s Checklist, that’s due on July 22nd! It’s to help Dean Glanzer match you with a pre-major advisor! 

And your next question: What IS a pre-major advisor?

Because we’re a liberal arts college, you don’t have to have a major declared coming in, and although some of you might be very set on one specific track, most of you probably don’t know what you want to do with your life and that’s TOTALLY okay! Think you’re 100% certain of what you want to do? Maybe you’ll change your mind while taking classes outside of that discipline!  

And that’s precisely where a pre-major advisor comes in! 

Your pre-major advisor won’t necessarily be someone from a discipline you’re going to major or minor in, but they’re a great resource for helping you choose classes and keep track of graduation requirements! They’ll also be a good person if you ever have trouble in a course or just need a pointer in the right direction.  

They’re also one of the first professors you’ll meet on campus! They’ll try and set up a meeting with all their advisees within the first week of classes and then an individual one, usually once or twice per semester.  It just helps add an extra friendly face to the sea of newness that can be the first year experience.  

In my personal experience, my pre-major advisor was AMAZING! He was incredibly helpful when I was struggling through the pre-med track, and was actually a huge factor in helping me switch from a Biology major to an English major.  I even remember our first meeting when he taught us (his advisees) the best way to address professors at a school where some go by first names and some go by Professor [insert last name here]: start with Professor [insert last name here] and then see how they sign off their emails, but always start off emails with a greeting! 

Your pre-major advisor will also help you choose classes, which happens during Custom’s week, so DON’T worry about that just yet, but if you REALLY want to see what classes might be offered, check out the course search page for this coming year!

Make sure to fill out your pre-major advisor survey and keep up with Dean Glanzer’s Checklist!

And, as always, if you have questions please feel free to shoot us an email at hc-newstudents@haverford.edu!