Student Sunday #6 –Taylor Seid

Taylor Seid
Class of 2022 
Biology and Economics Major 
From San Marino, CA 

What do you do on campus?
On campus, I played varsity volleyball my first year. I’m currently working in the bookstore, Admission Office as an Admission Fellow (tours, etc.), on the ResLife committee as a Residential Student Liaison for Tritton/Kim for 2019-2020 school year, and on the Joe Schwartz 3K committee for Race Day Registration/Prizes!

What is your favorite spot on campus and why? 
My favorite spot on campus is the Campus Center. I lived in Tritton my first year, so it was easy for me to just walk across the street to go to The Coop, study with friends in the chairs by the window, and to work in the bookstore (and now the Admission Office!). 

What has been your most memorable experience at Haverford so far?
My most memorable experience at Haverford so far was Customs week. I had already been on campus because of volleyball preseason, and so I knew my teammates but during that week I also got to know the other 15 or so people in my Customs group, as well as others in my incoming class. It was really fun to get to know everyone before classes began. We had dorm olympics, a mixer, and meals as a hall (just to name a few things!). I think it was a great opportunity to bond with my hall, and I made some really good friends from it ! The Customs program continues throughout the year, as there are CP’s and a possible UCA living on the hall. It’s a great way for first years to get to know the people living in their hall, their incoming class, and upperclassmen.