International Student Support (ISSO): Resources for International Students

Hello Friends! 

Today I wanted to share with you some of the resources I believe are helpful for international and students of diverse backgrounds in general.

The International Student Support Office: 

This is the office dedicated to providing F-1 Visa students with resources and support in everything that is related to living, studying and working in the US as an International Student. That’s where you will find your DSOs (Designated School Officials), Denise V. Allison and Natasha Weisz. And here is a quick reminder of what your DSOs can help you with:

  • Working in the United States.
  • Applying for a driver’s license.
  • Applying for a Social Security number.
  • Changing their major, program or degree level.
  • Changing their education level.
  • Transferring to a new school or taking a leave of absence.
  • Taking a break from school.
  • Traveling outside the United States.
  • Moving to a new address.
  • Changing your name.
  • Requesting a program extension.

More about ISSO here:

Another interesting resource that the ISSO offers is the Holiday Opportunity for Multicultural Exchange (HOME).

It is a program that promotes cultural exchange between international students and members of the Haverford community. You can find more information here.

International Student Orientation (ISO)

This is a four and a half days orientation for international students. Here you will receive a lot of information about being an F-1 student at Haverford, how to maintain your status, what the resources on campus for you are, etc. You will also have a chance to go shopping for items for your dorm or take the time to open a bank account, for instance. The most important aspect of ISO is the networking that happens during these days. You are likely to meet your future close friends during the orientation as well as upper class students that are likely to be able to answer all sorts of questions you might have in the future. 

International Students Resource Persons (ISRPs)

During ISO you will also meet your ISRPs, who will guide you through campus and activities during ISO. These are the people you will want to reach out to during your first semester when you have questions related to being an International Student at Haverford. 

You can learn who your ISRPs are here!

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

The OMA supports diversity on campus. It coordinates Summer Social Justice Institute, supports International Student Orientation, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Customs as well as numerous affinity groups. It also provides diversity grants for student groups and leaders promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. And their interns lead individual projects such as Wellness Center and International Student Center. You can find more information about the OMA here.

Student Organizations

There are many organizations on campus. These are a great way to find people with a similar background or culture to your own and bond. They are a great resource to start building your support system because of the shared experiences.

You can find these organizations here .

Cultural Centers:

You can find information on each cultural center here.

Customs Folks

In each hall you will have a customs team that will help you navigate your first year at Haverford. All of them are great resources for different things, however, if you need to speak with someone that has a more diverse background or that understands your struggles with the cultural and social aspects of Haverford, you should talk to your AMA (Ambassador of Multicultural Affairs). 

Dean Katrina Glanzer

You have probably already heard from her many times and I know I have personally mentioned her several times. What happens is that she is a great resource. She will be your first year Dean so whenever you do not know where to go for assistance, I am sure Dean Glanzer will be able to point you in the right direction. 

The following are general resources that can also be very helpful:

The Writing Center

As I mentioned in a previous post, the Writing Center can be very helpful with essays at all stages. That can be understanding the prompt and task you were given, brainstorming, writing a strong introduction or conclusion or the final revision before you turn your essay in. However, the writing center can also be helpful for oral presentations. Yes! You can give your oral presentation just for practice, or to get some feedback. 

Resources for Writers

Speaking Resources

The Center for Career and Professional Advising (CCPA)

The CCPA help current students and alumni with career and professional goals and also prepare for the world of work. They can review your resume, read your essays for grad school application, and do mock interviews to help you prepare for that very important interview that is coming up!

Bryn Mawr College Airport Shuttle

Bryn Mawr has airport shuttles available for every break at an accessible price! So if you are flying back home, this might be a good option for you. More information here.

Blue Bus to Suburban Square

On the weekends and breaks if you are staying on campus, you can hop in the Blue Bus to go to Suburban Square to go grocery shopping or simply spending time outside of campus! This is where you will find the Blue Bus schedule.

Health Services

Health Services provides a lot of resources to make sure your well-being on campus. They have Cold Care Kits available 24/7 at Campus Safety, and near exam periods they will sometimes allow you to make a self-care package either for yourself or a friend! This is also where you will need to go if you don’t have all of your shots! If you want to learn what other services Health Services offer, you can click here.



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